Mystery and rare mental illness

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According to statistics, one out of every four people in the world suffers from mental illness. Different types of mental or behavioral problems are seen in them. There are some strange, mysterious and rare mental illnesses in the world that most of us are unaware of. Let's talk about some of these mental disorders.

Adele Syndrome

The disease is named after Adele Hugo, the daughter of French author Victor Hugo. Adele had schizophrenia. Whether it's schizophrenia or a new type of addiction. He fell in love with a British military officer so much that he went insane when the military officer rejected him. As a result of the disease, the military officer married another man, and Adele ended up in a madhouse.

Many people do not want to accept that this terrible addiction to love is a kind of illness. But psychiatrists have found in a recent study that this addiction is as horrific as tobacco, alcohol or cryptomania addiction, which can cause serious damage to a patient's physical and mental health. People with this disorder suffer from depression. They torment themselves in various ways, cling to unrealistic hopes, deceive themselves in various ways, do not want to follow anyone's advice, behave recklessly, do not want to mix with anyone and lose interest in everything in the world except the man they love.

The disease is presented in the movie 'The Story of Adele H'. Besides, there is an Indian movie "Peer Tune Kiya Kiya". Urmila Martondoka has played the role of a patient with Adele Syndrome in that movie.

Quasimodo syndrome

Quasimodo Syndrome or Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a disorder in which the patient is desperate to find his or her own flaws. Even minor physical defects will appear to the affected person. The person suffering from this disease will always stand in front of the mirror and will find out from various aspects all the physical defects of himself which are not in him. There will be widespread reluctance among them to take pictures. Do not want to go in front of the camera, for fear that their error will be seen in the picture. The patient will only take extra care of his appearance. This extra skepticism about her appearance will also cause problems in her love affair. He will lack self-esteem and will feel uncomfortable going in front of people. His social life will also be disrupted due to imaginary flaws in his appearance. Whenever he goes in front of someone, he will think that everyone will catch his mistake and laugh at him.


A person with this disorder will always think that someone has fallen in love with him. Someone is more likely to have complete social status (especially a celebrity). This means that if someone known or little known shows normal empathy, courtesy, and sincerity towards the patient, the patient imagines for sure that the person has fallen in love with him. The patient begins to imagine, that the person is giving different kinds of secret hints through different means to dedicate love to him. Even if the imaginary person says a normal ‘no’, the patient imagines that it may have been a secret indication. No coded massage. Through which the person is trying to hide his secret love from others.

The disease is presented in the movie "From the Land of the Moon".

Capgras delusion

A person suffering from capricious delusions begins to imagine someone very close to him, a friend or his own twin, who does not actually exist in reality. The patient continues to do all sorts of bad things and he does not realize that those things were done by him. He blames the imaginary man next to him for all the bad things he has done. This disease occurs in patients with schizophrenia.

A Hollywood movie called "The Double" has portrayed the character of a person suffering from this disease. Again, I saw a movie by Kolkata hero Abir Chatterjee, I can't remember the name. In that movie, Abir also played the role of a person suffering from this disease.

Fregoli delusion

‘Fragile delusion’ or ‘The delusion of doubles’ is a disorder in which the patient always imagines that all the masked people around him are walking around, following him. Different people or the same person is constantly following him by changing his appearance instead of masks, make-up and clothes to achieve any of his goals.

This syndrome was first discussed in 1982. At that time, a teenage girl was seen imagining that the two actors in the theater where she was going to see the play were following her from different acquaintances with the intention of achieving a goal.

The animation movie "Anomalisa" has a partial representation of this disease.


A person with cryptocurrency cannot remember exactly when or where a particular event occurred. For example, if he reads a book, then he remembers the lines of the book or the incident, but he cannot remember where he actually saw the incident, whether it is true or imaginary. This means that the patient cannot be sure about the source of anything. He can't think of any thing or thought that he has, or that he got it from someone else. It is a kind of memory impairment.

This syndrome leaves the patient in a state where he suddenly feels unfamiliar to a very familiar place or person.

The movie "The Science of Sleep" shows the condition of the patient suffering from this disease.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome

A person with this syndrome changes the way they look at themselves and everything around them. That is, he has no idea about the exact condition or shape of a thing or a place. Everything is imagined to be either too big or too small. He also became hesitant about the location of something. Even the closest thing seems to be too far away. Again, things that are far away seem very close. This disease takes the most horrible shape, when the patient fails to diagnose the shape of his own body properly. It's not the patient's eye or any other sensory problem, it's just a mental problem.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental problem that makes the patient more and more anxious about everything. The level of anxiety and worry is so high that the patient has no control over it and cannot get rid of the problem. As a result, he keeps repeating the same thoughts or actions for peace of mind. The sufferer realizes that there is no cause for concern and that there is no need to do the same thing over and over again. But he can't get rid of the anxiety at all, and it once became so unbearable that he kept doing the same thing over and over again. The character of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "The Aviator" is an excellent representation of this disease.


In the kind of delusion that a patient with paraphernalia suffers from, he begins to imagine himself as a very great person. The patient tends to be distracted by pseudo hallucinations and false memory. He imagines himself to be the ruler of the universe and considers himself immortal. He has divine powers, he is the author of many famous books and these ideas also spread in him. He continues to believe that he has a very special identity behind his current general identity. People with this mental disorder are very angry and stubborn. They are also a bit mysterious.

Multiple personality disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder is a rare mental illness. The behavior of the person affected by this disease is divided into different parts. This means that different types of personalities are manifested in the behavior of the same person. "Different people live in the same body" - this is how it can be explained. In a person's body, those different people are completely different in terms of age, gender, nationality, mental state, mood, vision of the world, etc. The disease can develop in children in an attempt to protect themselves from going through terrible physical and mental stress during childhood. The most talked about case of this disease was known in 1970. When Billy Milligan was arrested in the United States for rape at that time, it was seen that 24 different personalities were living among them.

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