Death comes in the dark

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After doing a few tedious kisses every day, Rose pulls her weary body back to the tin roof, and the strength of her knees is about to fail. He stumbled under the pressure of harassment and at the moment he seemed to be crushed. Crying and enduring, where is the opportunity to get two bars! There is no time, no rush, run to the market, what's the matter, there is nothing left for fish-meat-curry, he has just bought it, why again? Capsicum, lettuce leaves are needed for the salad, the fat boy from abroad will eat it at noon. Some days the market bag has just landed on the floor, Begum Saheb's pipe blowing indifferent instruction - I want cholesterol-free soybean oil. Not the market, this time he enters the department center. As soon as you enter the shiny center of the tiles by pulling the glass door, the cold, ah, comfort comes across the body. The body-structure of what is burnt in the dark can be said to be past. After returning to the decayed feet with the burning of the sun, what is the use this time- the leaves of the flowering tree have not been wiped away, the dust outside has come and all the green has become dirty. Then - there's no end to it, the sun rises over the skull at noon and reaches the master's office to carry out the orders piece by piece. So what stood out; Chheleman is a daily housemaid at home, sometimes a sweeper, sometimes a gardener, and sometimes an office servant. How much more can a person work with one, two hands and two feet!

Very early in the morning, Mr. Chhelaman had to come out of an inferior tin roof of Felna land and come to Eskaton's house. Some mornings he stands outside waiting for the gate to open. Then the desire is to leave Dhaka and fly in the clear air of love in the morning. You have to pay. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! This world is going to be destroyed in the next five days. Anyway, let all the vandalism end forever, he doesn't like it anymore, though-. Come here and say Chhelaman's wish, say your thoughts, everything gets stuck. His wife and two sons are lying in Baneshwar in the salty state of Hularhat. Surrounded by water-mud-hedgehog herbs of a narrow canal, he supported the death of his own people by leaving three or three of his own people under a rotten tent that had fallen over a wide area. Damn, leaving his wife and child in the far south, he will die alone in this complex brick-and-stone city of Dhaka without relatives and relatives - impossible! If all the houses, buildings, animals, birds, plants, rivers, seas and people of the whole world end together in one moment, then it is better for four people to die together with their wife Momena, two sons, Piru and Niru. In order to share such joy, Chleman will have to go to Hularhat after spending one afternoon and one night on a continuous river launch. Holiday! Just thinking, Chhelaman collapsed inside. With a sure hard-voiced shout, the gentleman would blow up his holiday appeal.

Chheleman can't think anymore- Khaleq is raising a long hi by opening the extra heavy gate of the house. Bhabkhana, the food he got for free, after falling into the pit of his stomach, he was torn from the frozen dream of the night and now he is lacking in sleep. An hour's sleep deprivation is a complete waste of time. Until midnight yesterday, Mr.-BB, he has provided mineral water-ice-kebab for the pleasure of their son. What a grief they can see the clean look in the morning! They are stuck in a deep sleep in their bed. This vile guy is deceitful, what is the need to show silly work, the light-shining young man appears in the morning with such a dirty idol.

Seeing Khaleq in front, he suddenly fell into discomfort. He clearly understands why this naughty boy dislikes him so much. You are in the inner court, I am in the front, the yoke is on the necks of both of you, why are you biting your teeth so much, you bastard, you are ordering me to work! Khaleq's sudden madness naturally aroused Chhelaman's restless mood. He scratched the boy's cheeks in the heat. Until then, Chhelaman does not want to get involved in any trouble. He was cut off when he heard loud noises in the fields, on the streets and in the crowds. How many times in the market, on the sidewalk, the horrible crowd on the sidewalk, his legs have been slackened, where, he did not get up. On the other side of the street wall in front of his tin roof, there was a party of friends all night long. Not once did he peek under the influence.

Hey, after the day-world is destroyed, the pleasure of dancing with two legs, the wild juice coated in the throat is wasted in an instant. No one has breath, everyone's life is over. Say baramkhana, tell me what is the taluk of loot- so much land, money, gold, buildings will all be erased, nothing is permanent.- The last address was then mud house, mud bed. The rich and the poor, the rich and the poor, the men and the women, the old and the poor will all be judged in one sentence. Where there will be so much chatter and twist. Engraver on God, oh, nothing will work - he is the owner of the real solution. Sadly, he went to his heart to prostrate to the Creator. He was ready for the Friday prayers as much as he could, he did not have time, he had to hold the congregation.

Even though his insides are warm in the flames of incapacitated anger, Chhelaman Nibhanta remains still. Newmarket from here in this extreme abela, so far means only one occasion - to bring flower soil. Begum Saheba has decorated the front part of the verandah with flower tubs in her ever whimsical style. How many kinds of flowers in the tub, how many colors, odorless foreigner, the name of this flower has not been heard in Chhelaman Zindigi. When the time comes to spend, what else will happen to such a human being, while humming in his mind, he loosens the soil from the beginning with a sledgehammer and brings discipline back to the soil - even the tree needs to breathe. Busy, showing work on the body, now understand, he has brought danger for himself. Short now - an extra hard work pressed on his neck. So the work will be permanent, there is no time, there is no moment - there will be no time for prayers, what should it be! Whether the world is destroyed or not, one day we will have to return to the owner of the world. Obligatory work, prayers are postponed, what is the big race for flowers! Who likes to get involved in Mr. Durmati's sinful deeds. Where so much import of luxury-addiction does not play in his head. Why play? What is needed? Chheleman threatens himself - you go to Holi and you are unworthy of nails, a sick servant who has averaged his neck at the behest of Mr. You want to find Mr. Chas, what a dare! Hey, what is the use of the character of such a kind master, the news of his capital, what is his benefit in looking for the theory of honest-dishonest income-earning? Some idiot from the rotten salt region of Kothakar is coming to this juicy capital to fetch water, but he is sending home the money he gets every month, even if it is a small amount.

Walking from Eskaton's house to the gentleman's office on the fifth floor of a tall building with the hustle and bustle of the caravan market, it was eleven-thirty in the afternoon. Sahib knows, he has been running since that morning, so it must be time for a man to come to the office after working hard. His days are numbered when he first digs into the streets and then finds roads, small and big, wide and short, so much so that he finds the office road from the road. Now he can reach the office in Sahi-Salam through the crowd of cars, rickshaws and people. Where a hawker sits on a sidewalk, in a corner of a building selling fruit and bananas, he can tell clearly. Why can't he- he had to memorize the tens of the world, the corners of the world, every inch of land with hard work. Happiness and sorrow are also exchanged with the insignificant two or four peon-boys of other offices like him. Even so, Chhelaman can't say the name of his master correctly till now - there is no other name in the knot of mistakes. Hasan Ali, sometimes Hossain Ali or Ahsan Ali, he got into a commotion with Saheb.

His work in the office is not something difficult; Making tea-coffee, drinking water, going down for photocopies of papers if needed. It is heard that a photocopy machine is sitting in the office soon. Then they do not have to use the stairs allotted for getting up and down for photocopying. The other two peons, close to him in age, are both masters of deception. Whenever they get a chance, they are busy in Gultani and do not listen to Chhelaman. These are the ones who sometimes push Bell into his room when he gets annoyed. Once inside, it is amazing. It was seen that there was a thin-tall-fair-skinned girl in the room, and Sahib was holding her hand with a gurgle. - ‘You, why are you?’ Sahib’s voice trembled. Hey, is he going to raise this secret lust fever in Begum's ears? See how disgusting, he chased him out of the room knowingly! He entered as soon as he heard the bell. Or did the peon know the tricks of the two gentlemen, now you are a partaker of the people of the house. No, he will not go to the master's room to do odd jobs or to provoke anyone. Sitting by the window to the north of Tarche's office, a well-dressed typist, who gives him the urgency to gain the goodness of hell when he has the time, is better than taking everything from him to become an innocent creature of God. The word of destruction can be learned from this abstinence in words - on the 5th of May, the world is no more. Then the first month of the Arabic lunar month is Muharram, one Friday of this month all destroyed. The last date of that month of May is the next Friday of the month of Muharram. Last 7th day - nothing will survive. On hearing this, Chheleman's hands and feet almost became numb from the cold. Everyone will die, that too, Hayat-Mut is in the hands of Allah, the Supreme Lord of all beings and the world, but-. In this world, his wife and two children will have no regrets if he dies separately. No rice, no stove, no parents, no land, no help, this man will die in a land far away from his loved ones. Alas, alas. The next texture means; Filled with trees on both sides, the wide secluded road in Eskaton, the Holy Family Hospital on the right, the field in front, the four-katha square bought by the gentleman for five or six years. So far, the building work has just started on the uncultivable land in the vicinity. Adenta doesn't know when the rich Gabda Saheb will leave the house and do something else. The truck brought two bricks in those old days, now the bricks are slippery with moss, the grass is locking in its gap - the spread of that grass all over the place. Tired of the weak tin roof of Jandhara to occupy the border, Chhelaman understands while pulling the body to come for punishment. Look, sleep full of eyes, but the night goes sleepless in the desolate ground. At first I was scared and sometimes I had to find my own hands and feet in the light of a hurricane or a candle. The dark sky may crack and fall on him. When the wind blows, he will fly into space with his tent in his glory. Kitty Kitty's voice echoes as the teeth-grinding insects dance, sometimes jumping into the roof. Being compelled, Chhelaman took bricks inside the hut. What is the benefit, when it rains, dirty water rolls and accumulates under the bricks. The squeaking sound is enough to seize him. With the exception of a long time, he was able to assemble a thin watchtower by explaining the problem of crying in front of the master in four or five months, otherwise he would have to stay afloat like a rat in the water all night with wet kantha-pillow. A clay jug, a scratched glass mirror, a plastic vessel, Mr.'s discarded three pairs of old pants from a tailor in the caravan market to suit his own size; Chhaleman's chaprajiban with two lungi in jaljala.

One cloudy afternoon, when he suddenly came to see the place, leaving Chhelaman behind, he became very dissatisfied and not only his part, but the whole country felt dirty. So? All the fault lies. He wants to alleviate the angry burden of his dislike and disinterested activities with great threats - 'Nothing will happen, this will not happen in this country, uh-huh-huh, you have made hell all around in Hegemu.' Thin anger rages over and over again because it doesn't cut anything - so where is Hagmu-Mutmu? Going to Mr. Dalan. Once, while working in the master's house, he entered the servant's bathroom under the pressure of urination. Silently, he became light and rejoiced in the service of flowers. There is a completely different meaning in the work of plants, otherwise why the melody through it slowly wakes up. That is the favorite song of his contentment - ‘Do whatever you want’, just humming inside, immediately Khaleq jumps out from behind and grabs his neck.- ‘Haramzada Muitya Pani Das Nai. The whole house is smelling. Begum Sahib’s nose also smells bad. ’Chleman understands that he has made a mistake. Servants' bathrooms are separate. Chleman did not understand that the bathroom was a part of the whole house. Yes, he did not notice the rush. But how does Begum Saheb's nose smell? Does the servant enter the bathroom, or does he walk in front of the bathroom? Everything!

Chhelaman made an unwavering promise in his mind that he would walk on the street without feeling ashamed and embarrassed, because he was no longer in the fragrant house of Sahib's flower-sandalwood. If you are not in a hurry, you can go to Matin's place on foot. Village-village news, after a couple of happy-sad conversations between the two, he will lighten his stomach. Chhelaman noticed Matin's face as soon as he remembered the hut with such an old promise, so this brother, who had been deceived about the village, told him to go home. Honestly, if Matin goes, what will happen if he requests to bring his wife and children to Dhaka on his return. After spending one night on the launch, Sadarghat in the morning - busy, though trivial, with a rickshaw straight to the tin roof of Eskaton, what a joy! Will Matin ignore his wish? Impossible, the boy is a little younger than him, in that respect he is a murabi, moreover a man of the same region, no matter how far from Baneshwar to Hularhat, just a breath away. Matin works as a carpenter in a car garage in Dhaka. Dhus, what is so thoughtful, without looking back and forth, he leaves the office and joins the crowd with his head down. I destroy your work, what a master, the whole world is being destroyed, there is so much to belittle the will of God. Chakri-bakri, phum, no animal will be alive. The office-house-market will be nothing but standing - all will be ruined, dust.

On Friday the 5th, just before the day of the near destruction, wife Momena, two sons- Piru and Niru reached Dhaka with the sun on their heads. While launching on the river, the launch got stuck in a char. Stay tuned. At the end of the night, the launch was delayed by the new tide and it was too late to reach Sadarghat. Chheleman is sitting on his tool in the office after finishing all the household chores as usual. Matin came to the office of Karwan Bazar with three pairs of ignorant eyes on the roof of Eskaton. For five nights, Chheleman's sleep was thin, his head ached with nonsense and anxiety, he sat up in the dark and ate khabi - the day is gone, there is no news of wife and child, Matin does not come, I understand that the desire to die together remains incomplete. Will God not have mercy on this poor man? He does not want wealth, land, food, he will be deprived of the great union of death? What is the fulfillment of his mind? May Allah ease the hardships of the unfortunate. Suddenly, seeing Kabu-tired Matin's face in front of him, Chhelaman forgot to stand up. Matin is a man who understands the iron ore of the engine. Happily, he has nothing to melt. When he left for his garage in Maghbazar, he almost flew to Chhelaman Chapra.

With the exception of seven months and eleven days, Momena is within reach of his sight. Understanding the shame and inertia of seeing the face of the new wife in this long separation does not allow Chheleman to be eight. His happy innocent gaze fell on his wife's veil and came back. Piru-Niru Fickfik smiles when he sees Sahebi pants worn by Choyalbhanga Baap, or Badd mismatched, he looks like a cockroach - which one? To relieve the discomfort of the makhamakhi, he used the occasion of the boys- ‘Why are you so dry? Momena's reply came in a chill voice from behind the veil - 'Won't you dry it? Where to eat? If you eat three meals at a time, will you be able to eat? What are you looking for in a father? '

Eat, when the open picture of a thick pile of rice for three hungry faces comes to the fore, Chhelaman becomes emaciated. I ate my own food at the master's house. The kitchen, as the name implies - Kitchen or Fichen, bends its knees on the clean floor of the tiles in one of its corners near the wall, sits down and eats the chewy plate. Baluni grabbed such a dirty face. In front of the eyes of this young boy of work, he starts to bend. - ‘Vaijaan, and chirda bhat dai’, he says, when the girl does superficial sadhasadhi, she does not cheat. Tears come to my eyes. This kind girl, born of a mother, clearly understands that the human stomach wants some more water. The tender-hearted nephew of that Mihikantha comes to mind in the peace of feeling good. In the lifeless city of Dhaka, a whole village has come and stood beside the gate of the expensive house of the gentleman, as if a balloon has risen from the trees and crops of that village in the thick green mech. Well, the reason for bringing the wife and child to Dhaka is to openly inform the balloonist and bring some rice and curry wrapped in a towel. How much extra food can be thrown away in the house, every day there is garbage. No, shake your head and dismiss the idea. If someone secretly brings such rice, what about hand washing? Impossible. Rather than telling Begum Saheba the purpose of dying together in detail, what happens if she tries to make up her mind. No, disaster is here too, Taton Khaleq can be disturbed, what if, even if he gives the rice-curry balloon in public, but Begum Saheb can pour various poisonous words in the name of a good girl. The lazy-headed Begum Saheba listened to the whispers of this flatterer wandering beside her without any choice. On the contrary, holding Khaleq's hand and begging can solve the problem of rice. The boy's complex mind softened and all turned to him. Uh oh, it's good to tell Saheb himself that he has brought his family from Chapra village built on his land, if he doesn't tell this news, Saheb will go bad in the end.

Remembering the bite of the strong tug, Chleman walks back to the caravan market office. Let the wife and child stay in Chapra. Good luck, Mr. has just returned after going somewhere outside. He frowned at the door of the room with the question, "What's the matter with you?" Leaving his body in the chair, Sahib raised his chin and looked at him with a shining look. Chhelaman's broken voice was empty and the world would die, they would also stay together to die. On hearing this, Sahib himself seemed to be stunned and stared at the face of his foolish man. In order to maintain his decision in front of that crushed or ignorant eye, Chhelaman starts digging himself. Is there no sound coming from his throat? He can clearly hear his own whining- ‘Sir, Khubse Ozu Saira prays Rekat after Rekat, and there is no Hayat, Bebak Shash, Apan Dhandentalat, Bu-Pola, Dalan-Opiso Shash, you are no one. Alla Alla, Sejda Dan, Parke Dil Theika Zikir. Kainda kaita tana haiyan. 'Has his advice reached the ears of the master about the end result at all? Chleman does not understand. Oma, I saw the lower lip of the cigarette smoker hanging under the weight of contempt. In the heat of the day, in the heat of the day, in the heat of the day, in the heat of the day, in the heat of the day, in the heat of the day. He does not find fault in this nonsense of beggarkhata ghosts. Where to find cheap people who are a little satisfied with the price market. Reaching this side of the table, Chleman's eyes fell. This time Talurtulu's child looked at the office as if he had entered the holy room. The gentleman put forward two hundred rupees notes and raised his voice as hot as possible - ‘Share now. Send your wife and child back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 'Huh, to put it bluntly, the wall inside Chheliman went up. Why would he leave the opportunity to die together at the behest of the master?

At night, he bought rice, beef and pulses from a low-cost hotel opposite Ramna Police Station and made a festival inside the hut. Every night, after a hard day's work, he came back to the perimeter of his body, blew a candle for a while, extinguished it and went to bed. He quickly fell asleep in the mud. On some nights, the hotka noise outside, in the thick sleepless darkness, the cracking of the throat of the insects, cracks the sleep. It takes less exercise to reconnect that sleep. Today, after a long time, he did not go to his house at night to eat with his wife and children. The hotelier asked for a glass plate in a low voice - he would return it before the hotel opened in the morning. With the help of what, the hotelier growled with a strange look of seeing an ugly animal - ‘Cham Naika in Goa, hey kare mamu abdar. Eat it in a box, what else, getting a box is a pleasure. 'No, he will not be upset at all today. If anyone insults him, he will keep his mouth shut. At the end of the day, when he found an old dish, he opened the bundle of extraneous goods stored in the hut and when he found an old dish, he was really happy. He had forgotten the details of the discarded goods.

The candle, the cowardly light of what, the hurricane will burn by burning the ribbon all night if necessary, what is the courage of a bandit insect to jump. One by one, when the two boys ate, they found the satisfaction of the chleman tofakhana in the yellow light. This time he sat his wife down to eat before him. There is no indication of what went into the launch of the slender abdomen. Just by looking at the dry face, you can see that the three hungry animals are almost dull.

Whether Momena's jute finger is trembling or not, no manipulation of the shadow can be caught. After the wife had poured the pulses into the rice, Chhelaman flinched and opened his seams. What a waste of lots of words today!

The boundaries around the roof that he is under, the price of this place, as it goes, the brain twists - gold, ashes, more precious than gems, its name is the soil of Dhaka. Mr. will soon build a building in such a precious place, it may be five-seven-ten storeys, a huge house will be built. With this, the master almost chased him and said to him: Leave the deceitful place for a few more days, make some arrangements. Look at your voice rubbed with sugar, the master said in such a way that Chhelaman has left the place to him, now Chhelaman can take initiative in execution. Look again, with all the responsibilities on his shoulders, he is very secure, whether at home or in the office - he handles everything by running around alone with good hands. Begum Saheba does not allow anyone to enter her sweet-smelling bedroom, everyone thinks she is rubbish, only Chhelaman's entry is free. On some days of the holiday, both Saheb Begum got out of the car and went out to eat Hawa. I would like to take Chhelaman with me on that fun trip. As soon as Begum Saheba sat in the driver's side seat and said something about the quality and majesty of Saheb, she smiled and left her braided head on Saheb's shoulder. In a gap of goodwill with him, Mr. Final informed him that he would give a few rooms to Chhelaman permanently. An old, faithless man of many days, he has done many things for the master, this time the master should not do anything for him. People of your blood relation also say benefit in this last age, say welfare, do nothing without interest, lack of faithful servant is all around. Hearing this, the veil drawn on Momena's head suddenly became shorter. Inside the pale light of the chapra, this time it became intense light. His hand is frozen on the rice plate. That is clear, the heaven under her husband's feet, the way to that heaven she has been seeing with her own eyes for so long.

Today is Friday, the last day of the world. There is no miracle, no bravery, no bravery to prevent the final catastrophe except the Absolute God. Citing the great Alem-Maulana, people are talking loudly, guessing that everything will end between two and a half o'clock in the afternoon. Putting his wife in front of him, Chleman narrates his understanding, the beginning and the end of the impending destruction: the moon-sun-earth will stumble on him and put a terrible punch on him. Nothing can stand in that way. Excessive fire from the sun will fall on the earth's chest, before all the ashes in such a fire, the animals and the plants, will be crushed and become lifeless. Hearing this, Momena wondered if there would be wood in Taras but forgot. Twice a day for a whole night, bringing them to Dhaka from the far south Baneshwar, with the destruction of the world, the husband's desire to die with all of them leaves him in a dilemma, and it comes out with a voice - ‘Will Kyle build a house for Mr. Koila? Tomare-. 'The wife's words did not end, Chleman fitted the wheel on her legs and quickly disappeared from the roof.

Where will he go? Friday off, plus meeting up with death today. On the sidewalk road, there is less crowd of rickshaw pullers than day laborers. From last night till today, Eskaton, Magbazar, Banglamator, Karwan Bazar will not keep his footing anywhere. Yes, he performs Friday prayers in the mosque whenever the time allows. There is still a desire to participate in the Friday prayers and establish the thawab. Just thinking, the shadow of the problem falls on the will of Chhelaman. If the world is destroyed at the same time when the wife and child are left in the hut and go to the Friday prayers, they do not die together.

So why spend the night in the hut of four animals with so much trouble, gonjamil stomach? Damn, the prayers will not be read today. What? At the moment, he threatened and ruled himself. Prayers are obligatory, not reading means depriving oneself of the blessings of abstinence. When and where the mind unknowingly committed sins, how to get rid of it! Nakbakht Khatib, Kameljan said that if someone dies while praying, then that servant will surely get the mercy of God easily. Such an opportunity, but why would he leave? Just thinking, new thoughts arose in the very inner hut of Chhelaman's head. If death is better during prayers or prostration, prayers can be performed with his wife and children in his tin roof. Oops, he shook his head and said no.

The place is full of mud, some people are secretly throwing dirt in the front part - nothing can be caught. It is impossible to return the salutation from left to right after performing ablution in such a mess. So? In the midst of searching for a way to achieve success, a bitter snort crept into his chest and went down his trachea. In this salty snort, yesterday's beef started. Now it takes a little talk. Meat, beef or buffalo, dead or alive - nothing he knows. Hey, keep your picks!

After a long time, rice and meat have been eaten with the wife and children - what a divine act. After a while, Chhelaman freezes quickly. Someone has nailed his legs, there is no movement. The light flickered in front of his eyes.

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