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Bengali life has changed drastically

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1 year ago
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Coronation has given a new dimension to global life. There are new shadows in the life of different countries and cultures. Needless to say, that shadow is a shadow. A new chapter in history. The major and minor crises in our national life are all history. Some get the brightest form of history, some remain in the abyss of time, in secret. The coronal period will be marked as the influential period.

Coronation has changed everything in Bengali life. Culture-customs-customs-beliefs are all. The traditional life of Bengalis has changed. How easy it is to see how irrelevant everything is in the pursuit of life. Changes have also taken place in the scriptural life. In the Coronation Age, Bengalis accepted fear rather than caution. Everyone's attention is focused on corona news across the country. Artists are also trying to bring the original melody of the Corona era to their respective worlds. All the adversities that have befallen the world before have come before the advent of new information technology called social media. This time, therefore, people's minds and thoughts are being read easily around the social media. Numerous short stories / short stories, especially short stories, poems, rhymes, songs in hundreds of new genres. Everything else is dirty in the media except Corona. People don't seem to be able to concentrate on anything else. Real artists are worshipers of life that flows in a simple stream instead of the imposed subject. As a result, they are searching for different colors, different forms of life during the Corona period. Implementing in the industry.

In today's new reality of the world, the dull form of life will not always be portrayed as a picture in art and literature. Rather, these will sometimes be captured in abstract form. In literature or in film. In the artificial crisis, distrust and disrespect towards people has arisen in literature. The tragic melody came down to helpless lives in many artificial crises including the First World War and the Second World War. We have been endangered many times by the perversion of nature.

Sometimes in the pages of history, sometimes from the changing forms of art and literature or from the causes of the creation of different philosophies we have to look for the nature of life. It is not possible to understand the plague-affected literature without knowing the events of the plague known as the Black Death. We also see in the pages of history, in the field of art and literature, how the post-World War II economic recession or the post-World War II economic recession affected world life. Manvantar's life of forty-three was made uncertain and even a thousand lives were changed by this Manvantar's sense of life. Cholera-smallpox came down as the ultimate enemy of life. Art and literature have sought the deepest forms of crises. History brings us to that account in general. But art-literature seems to spread that painful expression among us in the multidimensional connotations of art.

If we look at our past, we will see Bengali life in innumerable adversities. Sometimes natural and sometimes artificial crises endangered our lives. His shadow has also fallen in literature. Our literary world is the proof of the way of life that art is. The structure of our literature also depends on the various aspects of life. Life never went according to plan. But life has changed many times because of the ruling class. All that has become a wealth of literature.

After the partition of 1947, East Bengal and today's Bengali society was flooded with anticipation of a golden morning. But they also brought before us the message of a blocked time. The structure of our literature has also changed in this period. Artists and writers do not indulge in artistic pursuits with the feeling of borrowing from somewhere. Even the feeling in the blood of the ancestor becomes secondary. Rather, the fact that the artist grows up with the time, the reality through which he walks, gives rise to the taste of his art. As a result of partition, the subject matter and structure of our literature changes in a relevant way.

The morning of independence has not come only after sacrificing one's life to liberate the country from the terrible grip of Pakistanis. There is no artist-literary who did not have a strong sense of life during the war of liberation. As a result, poetry, song, drama, music, painting and architecture were everywhere.

The subject of our art and literature or the history of the creation of form is very close to life. Charyapadas in ancient times had social influences at their core. The vows were the instrumental compositions of the Buddhists. Appearance has been considered more of a literary value to us than a subject. During the reign of Ikhtiyar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji, our life and death crisis made it impossible to compose literature. As a result we have passed a time of darkness. The whole of the Middle Ages was covered in a religious atmosphere. Literature has been written in that style. There was no diversity in life. Translation literature then spread the light. Attempts were made to rhythmize a small aspect of life. Natural life was unimportant. So they were expelled from art and literature. Under the colonial rule, a new sense of life took hold in Bengal. That sense of life was conveyed to the literary world.

From ancient times to the Middle Ages, life reached the level of modernity. After the departure of British-Pakistan, Bengali public life began to get a taste of independence. Our lives have changed over time. The culture of gossip-loving Bengalis is more than a thousand years old. In Bengali life, culture has sometimes been influenced by Muslims, sometimes by the Dutch-English. Even before all this, the influence of Aryans has fallen. All in all, a distinct style of Bengali has been created. Although sometimes language-centricity, sometimes religion-centricity has been tried to sound as the melody of the main culture of Bengalis, the influence of Prakrit people in Bengali culture has remained unwavering. It can be said that Bengali culture has become the culture of the marginalized in terms of culture.

In ancient and medieval times, endless attempts were made to destroy the identity of Bengalis. Attempts were made to impose the culture of those who had the state structure in their hands. When there was the influence of traditional religion in the state power, there was the traditional influence in culture. When the Pala kings came to power, the culture changed. After the Palas, traditional religious influences came down again in Bengali life. Then Ikhtiyar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji came with Islamic doctrine. Although long before that the work of propagating and spreading Islam in this land was started by the Maulanas who came from the west. However, Muhammad Khilji has worked to impose Islamic thought in the state structure. Arabic-Persian influence came down on the language.

This was the language influence on Bengali culture until the British rulers came to power in 1857. During the 200 years of British rule, the influence of the English language was paramount. After the partition of the country, the Pakistani ruling class tried to perpetuate their own language by speaking Islamic culture in the name of religion. Although Islam has nothing to do with Urdu.

In this way, the totality of the form of Bengali culture that has come to us through the oxidation of non-Aryan-Aryan-Sanatan-Pal-Sanatan-Muslim-English-West Pakistani culture is under threat today.

The Bengali New Year was introduced in conjunction with Bengali public life. During this New Year, Kale became a festival in Bengali culture. As the days went by, the first Baishakh was becoming more colorful in the Bengali culture. The size of the state patronage has increased around the New Year. Employees are paid New Year's allowance. Corona infection did not celebrate the New Year this year. The holy bath of traditional religion was not possible this year. Muslims have temporarily restricted mosque-based religion. Iftar in the month of Ramadan has festive colors. Many people break their fast at the end of all days of fasting. This Iftar is not official this year.

Even though the market is open to a limited extent, an unknown virus seems to be driving people everywhere. Black claws are also coming down in the gradually advancing economy. The crisis of finances is bringing sighs to life. We do not know how long this episode will last. In the changed times, people have seen the extreme degradation of humanity in some horrible examples. The mother has left the children on suspicion of being infected with corona. The opposite is also happening. 'Father' is carrying the body of the child to the grave alone. The beggar also gave his savings to buy food. If the victory of the people for the people is the absolute love.

Corona has given a new life. This crisis will surely go away but no one will ever forget the impact this crisis is having on life. As a result, the Corona Age is not just an anecdote of our changed lives, this anecdote will be broken down into the art and literature of the Corona period

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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