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My Parent's Anniversary in Brother's Grilled Restaurant

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4 months ago

Yesterday, I created my first article here. I am so grateful for all the people and aspiring writers who welcomed me!. I really appreciate you all. I know to myself that I am not good writer but I want to learn how to be a writer. I truly believed in saying that If you want you can do it, if you believe. I just need to believe first in God then to myself.

So for today's article, I just want to share the anniversary of my parents. For me this is one of the memorable part of my life. Anniversary is the event that the two lovers celebrated when they become as a couple. Also, anniversary is celebration of chronicles you want to remembered in your life, or it can be religious.

So pretty mom!

Before I jumped off to the article, I just want to introduced to you my mom. She is 46 years old. She is the one that I was talking about my article last time. She had diabetes because when she was young, she was smoking and drinking alcohol. At first it was pneumonia then later on it become diabetes. Also, diabetes are in her bloodline. My grandmother has diabetes but she was not died due to diabetes but her stroke as far as I remembered. My mother is a fully housewife and when she was in her 30's she was a businesswomen in Manila but we moved in Quezon Province because of my dad was from Quezon Province. Of course, She is so pretty!. Some of my features came from her.

My father as a seaman

This is my father!. As you can see he is a seaman. He is always go outside the country because of our finances and also he wants us to have a better future. He is 49 years old already. But I know he will retired if he will reach 55 or 60 years old. We need to pay some of our debts so my dad are in the cruise ship to work. He is a driver there and also they take care the passengers. Thank God that he was vaccinated already , both my mom and dad. The vaccine was Johnson and Johnson Jansen. This vaccine was a one shot only!. I am so grateful that my dad is protected and now, he is in Germany.

The anniversary of my parents was held in Bangihan ni Kuya at Tiaong Quezon Province on January 14, 2020. This was my first time to go out since the March 2020 lock down in our place. Its 45 minutes when we reached the venue, If it's traffic maybe we will reached the venue exactly 1 hour. We are arrived at 5 pm in the evening because my parents decided it to be as family dinner. When we are in the area, we took some photos.

These are the photos that we took. I know I am so fat in that picture!

You know where I am!
My nephew! he was 11 months old that time.

This is the area wherein there is a bigger events in the venue. As you can see there's a lot of lights and chairs.

So big!

One of my favorite here is this little house made up of bamboo leaves and bamboo. So cute!.

This light reminds me of something, its like Chinese modern style light.

Then we took some cottage, as you noticed its like the house made up of bamboo but in a bigger version. We are in the number two cottage.

So my mother and sisters took the menu to order some foods!.

While waiting in our orders, I took a selfie. That time, I felt so cute. Please bare with me haha.

It took 30 minutes for us to wait for the foods! Tada! these are the foods!.

My most favorites are the:

  • Overload Pizza

  • The Whole Buffet

Its our first time again to eat together and its a great bonding for all of us. After we eat, we took some photos again for memories. You know, memories are one of the things that we can shared when we getting old, at least we do have photos and we will uploaded that after we come back home.

I will never forget this amazing event of our family!. It was so memorable and I felt so satisfied with all the foods!. These memories will never be forgotten and I will never erased this in my brain. Some people may say that it's just a simple one but for me it's precious. I am so blessed that my parents are still with us because of the God's grace and this is the best thing that God could give us is that give our parents a long life.

After we are done in storing some photos in our phone, we are ready to go home!. I know that it's fast but worth it. When I got home, I got some good news in Kiki friends and tsu friends that I got a platinum badge. I never expected that!. I am so blessed and thankful that time. Just wanna share it hehe.

In conclusion, if we have the time to have with our family, please cherish it, we didn't know if we will be alive or our parents will be alive. So don't waste our time to give some love and give the things that you want to give to your parents genuinely.

Happy anniversary!
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Written by   18
4 months ago
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Para lang kayong magakapatid, Alex. Happy Anniv. kay nanay at tatay :)

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4 months ago

Salamat po tita!. Matagal na po ito hehe. January 14, 2020 pa po ito naganap, ngayon ko lang po nagawan haha. God bless po.

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4 months ago