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🎯Some Love Quotes To Like!! 🎈β™₯

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4 months ago
Topics: Love quotes


Today's writing is about some love quotes.I hope you like the romantic quote a lot.Here I have written only the popular quotes.Inspirational love and love quotes. All quotes or sayings have been selected.

So let's get started....πŸƒπŸƒβ™₯

🎯1. β€œOne of the biggest problems in the world is one-sided love. And the bigger problem is that he knew you loved him, still loves him but he doesn't know. "

- Redwan Masood

🎯2. β€œDo you know the longest distance in the world? Nah from life to death, the answer is not correct. The biggest distance is when I'm in front of you, but you don't know how much I love you. "

Rabindranath Tagore

🎯3.β€œForget what you want one day,

He knows it's hard to forget you. "

- Kazi Nazrul Islam

🎯4. "I love you more than I forget you, I don't push you closer, I push you farther away, the more I want to get away from you, the more I blend in with my breath."

- Mahadev Saha

🎯5 . β€œTo fall in love means to become dependent. The one you fall in love with will occupy a huge part of your world. If for some reason he leaves you, he will take away that huge part of your world. You will become the inhabitant of the empty world. "

- Humayun Ahmed

🎯6. "Sometimes the relationship of the soul goes beyond the relationship of blood."

- Humayun Ahmed

🎯7 . β€œDesire and love are two completely different things. Desire is only a temporary excitement and love is a slow peaceful eternity ”.

- Kazi Nazrul Islam

🎯8. "If all the conditions are above all the promises, the desire to touch a little dream, bathe in the light of the lightning coming out of a bunch of bad clouds, if two hearts face each other in a new way, then love."

- Ferdousi Manjira

🎯9. "Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find someone whose suffering you can bear."

- Humayun Ahmed

🎯10. "Waiting is a sign of pure love. Everyone can say love. But not everyone can prove that love by waiting. "

- Humayun Ahmed

🎯11. β€œThere are many kinds of oppression in the world. The oppression of love is the most terrible oppression. "Nothing can ever be said against this oppression, it just has to be tolerated."

- Humayun Ahmed

🎯12. "I'm fine, be well. Write a letter to Akash."

- Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

🎯 13. β€œThere is no omnipresent love like the first love of a girl in the world. There is no one more fortunate than the one whom the girl loves in her early youth. Although that love remains undisclosed most of the time, the fire of that love burns all the girls for the rest of their lives. ”

- Rabindranath Tagore

🎯14. "Boys don't even know when they're really in love. Girls don't even know when they start acting to live in true love. "

- Samresh Majumdar

🎯15. "Love is an ideal thing and marriage is real. The conflict between ideals and reality will never be resolved. "

- Geto

🎯 16. "The absence of hours in love seems to be the absence of months, the absence of days seems to be the absence of years, and the absence of short periods seems to be the absence of eternity."

- Proverbs

🎯17. "A woman either loves or hates, and doesn't know a third way."

- Pubilius cirrus

🎯 18 . "Don't hide the one you love."

- Bankimchandra Chatterjee

🎯 19. "Birds nest with vines, and people nest with love."

- Md. Isaac Qureshi

🎯 20. "Flowers can bloom in the desert with love."

- Davisbos

🎯21. "Love opens the door of the heart in an instant."

- Thomas Milton

🎯22. "Repeatedly falling in love with the same person is a sign of successful love."

- Broton

🎯23. β€œDon't hate life, learn to love life. With love and receiving love, make your momentary life manifest in heavenly harmony ”.

- John Milton

🎯24. "The rules of the world are strange, the one you love the most will be the cause of your sorrow."

- Samresh Majumdar

🎯 25. "What I thought I would say to you at the time of my death, I want to say today. Today it seems that no matter how much you punish me, I can't bear it. "

- Rabindranath Tagore

🎯 26. "A fool becomes wise when he falls in love, a wise man becomes a fool."

- Sput smile

🎯27. "Because you did not look up, the sun has burned the dense forest of the heart. Due to the lack of rain, there has been disease and plague seen there.

- Mahadev Saha

🎯28 "Even if one day the third world war breaks out to destroy the earth, even if the sun goes out as much as there is one day, and if the green crop ever grows in the Siberian snow, you are still mine."

- Gauri Prasanna Majumdar

🎯 29. β€œI’m standing with all the windows of the brain open, no one is coming. Neither the sun, nor the bird's necklace. Only the snow of the northern mountains, the cold hand touching the sore chin. "

- Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

🎯30. "Someday, if one day love suddenly comes and says in a hurry, - 'Let's go wherever the two eyes go', will go"?

- Helal Hafiz

🎯31. "Yet people want to live, I want to live I want to love, I want to love like crazy - is this my crime"!

- Mahadev Saha

🎯 32. "I know that everyone has to bow down to the ultimate truth - life is beautiful, the sky, the wind, the mountains, the sea, the green forest, the nature is beautiful and the most beautiful is to survive, but is it possible to live forever?"

- Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

🎯 33. β€œThe night I fell in love with the one I promised to bring the sun to Shire. Now the cloud of desire for his Krishna bathes in the light of the firefly, while I wanted to give him fresh sunshine ”.

- Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

🎯34. "The love that is afraid of not being found in the middle of love, and that both of them cry when they think about it, is the real love."

- Redwan Masood

🎯35. "There is more joy in giving love than in receiving love."

- Thomas Fuller

🎯36. "When love is repressed, hatred takes its place."

- Havenok Alice

🎯 37. "When you love someone, you love the whole person just as much as he loves you."

- Leo Tolstoy

🎯38. Immature love says, 'I love you because I need you.' And mature love says, 'I need you because I love you.'

- Eric Fromm

Hope you all like these love quotes and of course don't forget to

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Written by Β Β 2
4 months ago
Topics: Love quotes
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