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Mature thinking leads people to the path of understanding and progress.....

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4 months ago
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Many people with stable thinking think that the world needs change, not them.They think that they deserve a better job, house or partner.The world should recognize and value their special qualities.Let's move on to the next problem and imagine ourselves in that situation.

Next problem:

Think,I work here!so hard. This is unfair.This should not be done with talent like me.I want to be with adults, enjoy a wonderful life.Your boss thinks your behavior is not good.When someone in charge needs you, he doesn't think about you.He doesn't even think of your name when it comes to promotion.

Response to fixed thoughts:

You say bitterly, "He thinks I'm a threat." Stable thinking tells you that you should be at the top of the business.According to your mentality, your talent should be seen and respected by people.Since they did not, it is not fair.Why would you change?

You just want your rights.But if you put yourself in mature thinking, what will you think new and what steps will you take? And how do you work on this new idea? Well, you can work hard and help others.You can spend time in business without worrying about your position.Let's see what the matter stands.

Steps to mature thinking:

Let's clear up first.The thought of giving up hope of being the best for a long time is scary in my mind.You don't want to be an ordinary, average person.How can you feel better if you can't be more valuable than the people you see? You start with the idea that some people are unique because of their determination and effort.

Keep trying, little by little, and see how respect grows.Although you are slowly realizing that trying is very important, you are not accepting that there is no guarantee You are working, you are not getting results, it is not really fair.That means you are giving labor and someone else is getting promotion Immoral! It's been a long time since you tried and wanted to learn.

Learn more about the downside of the corporate ladder than the humiliation.If you know the details of the company, you will get a great opportunity later.The best CEOs with mature thinking know everything about their company from the beginning.Build a relationship without thinking that talking to a colleague is a waste of time.This can be a new source of memory.You can follow in the footsteps of Bill Murray and his Groundhog Day experience.

As you become a more mature thinker, you will be amazed at how people are helping and supporting you.They are no longer refusing to pay you.They are moving towards a specific goal at the same time Great thing, you wanted to change other people's behavior and you did.

Finally, with a steady stream of thoughts, many people realize that the cover of their specialty is a special armor to keep themselves safe, strong and valuable.It protects them at first, but later hinders their growth, self-defeating, and satisfying, reciprocal settlement.

Stable Thought Response:

You always feel sorry for the divorced people.Now you yourself are one of them You have lost all your honor.Your partner, who knows you intimately, no longer wants you.For a long time you didn't even realize that your children would be better off without you It also takes time to understand whether you are important at all.

The hardest part now is that even though you're feeling a little better than before, you're still stuck in a trance.You have now begun to judge the whole of life.Well your inner voice is saying for everything; Maybe I'm fine with everything.Your voice says for something bad that happened, my partner was right.

You have now begun to judge any new person.What else can you rethink about your marriage and life from a mature point of view?You were afraid to listen to your wife Why? What could you do?What should you do now?

Mature Thought Steps:

The first marriage you thought was good didn't go bad overnight, or it wasn't always bad. It has gradually deteriorated due to lack of care.You need to think about how much you and your partner have contributed to this.And why can't you keep requesting to stay close and share.

As you go through the analysis, you realize that you have not taken your partner's request seriously.You may have noticed that in some cases you were afraid that you might not be able to keep your partner's request.So instead of discussing the matter with your partner, you keep quiet thinking that over time it will no longer matter.

When it comes to bitterness in a relationship, we have to go deeper into these things without judging ourselves so that we can overcome the fear, increase the amount of communication and build and maintain a better relationship in the future.Mature thinking helps people to move forward on the basis of understanding and merit, not judgment or bitterness. Is someone trying to tell you something you can't hear? Proceed with mature thoughts and listen again.

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Written by   2
4 months ago
Topics: Facts
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