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Double face. Final part

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2 months ago
Topics: Emotion, Live, Heartbreak

22-11-21. N11

If you haven't read the first part yet, you can read it here:

And now, the final.

Act V

Yony and Ringo watch an old man walk down the street.

Ringo: Chama here is the ticket, give him that we left.

Yony: There, back to the old days. You grab it and I taste it.

Hitting him for the head.

Ringo: Hey, (touching his head) what do you have here?

Yony: Go crazy, then it's late.

They give the old man, and they take all the money from him, Yony forgets that he is just an old man and gives him more than he should.

Ringo: Chama since you kill him. Chama! - He says while trying to remove it from above, they run away and leave the poor man with a little blood lying on the ground, not in the mood to ask for help.

Act VI

Yony is entering the house making sure no one sees him. Karla is sitting inside the house in the shade.

Karla: Yony, (Yony jumps with fright and tries to play handicapped again)

Yony: Say, tell me - He says with a stuttering voice and half-opening his eyes.

Karla: It's easy, it's me, it's me. Where were you boy, you had me worried, I arrived and I didn't see you and I went crazy. - She says while helping him to sit on the bed. - Why didn't you tell me that you wanted to remember the old days when you put on your clothes and went out to the street? But where did you go, didn't you get very far, or did you? - She says while she takes off his pullover.

Yony: - Surprised that it had not been discovered - No, I did not get far, to the corner - I manage to articulate.

Karla checks his pocket and finds the old mans wallet. He stares at him and slaps him.

Karla: You know you're a bit complicated now, right? But are you crazy? - She says raising her voice-, you know that your pita is getting tangled, our pita is getting tangled! Now that your sister can't work according to her, she doesn't have little money to give me, I don't know if I'll be able to continue holding out your fake, our fake. - She says it with her hand on her head and walking around the room. - so that now you dedicate yourself to hitting the old men - while you see the photo of the card. - And do not play dumb anymore that your sister is not at home.

Yony: She is working! - aloud - also my life, you and I make a good couple, everyone here knows that you take care of me (he approaches her), and everyone imagines how.

Karla: (rejecting it) in the way that will never happen, don't dream, just money, that's our deal, and that little fly of your sister, squeeze her until the last breath. I'm going, and put on your silly costume that is already arriving.


Two days later.

Ringo and Roxana (Ringo's sister) both chatting on the street corner bench.

Ringo: huh, don't believe me, but Chama says that Yisel is her little sister, how good she is, that she fell in love with a boy.

Roxana: and what do I have to do with that? She is not fooling me, she is a tremendous little candle. Don't tell me that she are selling her body to get money. She likes it, here in this country what is left over are things to sell, see that she starts washing clothes, let's see, can't she do it? Well, she doesn't like to be on top of a man all the time, I think she likes it. - She says while putting the cigar in his mouth. Take a deep puff and spread the smoke into the air.

Ringo: Well now, you also like her quite a bit, ho*ker?, hey? That's what you are?

Roxana: Yes, but how do you like the shit that I bring you, don't you think it's easy to get, and don't tell me you don't like the money?

Ringo: Yes, I do. What I don't like is that you go from flower to flower, and you haven't just caught anything that works, let's see if we finally raise not only our heads, ok. And what I'm telling you is that Yisel fell in love, but I think you're not going to like who, you are not going to like whoever took that little bob from you as you say ...

Roxana: I kill her, him and her, I kill them. (Going around in a circle). That bastard told me that this was over, but as always I convinced him again, and in the end, he died here, here - He says it pointing to his pelvis in a vulgar way -, at my feet, nobody leaves me, you heard? –While touching the head -, nobody….

Ringo: Ahah, I want to see that.


Yisel, Enrique, and Yony are in the room. Enrique is sitting in a chair across from Yony, as if they are talking.

Yisel: Yony, get ready to take a bath so that you will be able to talk more with Enrique.

Enrique: If you already told me about the pile of women that I raise these days, Ahah, right kid! (raising his hand to greet him, and he looks at him fixedly, very fixed, and with a serious look)

Yony realizes in his look that there is something wrong with that look and because he uses it since that is what only Ringo calls him.

Yisel: I'm going to go to Karla's house for a second, don't move you from here my love, I'll be back in a second.

Enrique and Yony are left alone, Yony stares at him without saying a word.

Enrique: -Enrique gets up from his chair - well, my dear friend, who would have thought about it, not even in Hollywood would they have a price for such a performance, a life full of discomforts, of playing dumb, that's what you wanted, look at me when I talk to you (picks him up from the bed). Don't play dumb, I saw you with Ringo, I saw you drugged, I heard you, hey, don't believe that, because you see me that I'm good to your sister and that I love her, I love her much more than you could never imagine or love her, even being her brother, you make her believe for more than two months that you are mentally retarded due to an accident that you caused yourself, and you force her to work that way to steal her money, right? are you going to say anything? vermin.

Yony: (standing up and pushing him). Look colleague, I do things as I please, I am the kid wherever they stop me, I don't have a hair of stupidity or fool.

Roxana enters through the door.

Roxana: Wow, I can't see what my eyes are seeing. The house daddy, you don't deserve to be here, next to this abnormal.

Yony stares at him and stands in front of him.

Yony: He, apparently Enrique, you are not as good as you appear, and this dirty cloth that you wrote down, where did you get it, you already told my sister.

Enrique: Look at your love ... (He gets angry going upstairs, cooking him by the neck and lifting him in pesos), I'm sick of you, I'm not giving you a kick out of respect for your sister, because if not, wait a second there. (Pushing him against the bed)

Enrique: (Looking at Roxana, At the entrance of the door Yisel and Karla stop without being seen), As for you, I already told you that ours is over, I fell in love, I really fell in love, Yisel is much more of a woman of what I never dreamed that I could find myself in this life, she is a special young woman, I will ...

Roxana: Hang on there, hang on there Daddy, where is that dead fly, I'll see her give what she's got. Here everyone in this family is crazy, a prostitute, and another who pretends to be a fool when he is the most alive I have seen in my life ...

Yisel and Karla outside. Karla grabs Yisel tightly who wants to enter the house, after hearing what they were talking about, but stops when she hears that part about the brother.

Yisel: How? How is it that my brother is not mentally retarded? What is Karla talking about? Do you know anything about that?

Karla: Yisel, I, I am very sorry, but it is the same as you say ...

Yisel: (Crying) I who kill myself so much to take care of my brother and it turns out that he is a drone as you said, and worst of all, (pauses) I thought you were my friend (Slapping her)

Yisel rushes into the house. She looks at her brother on the bed and Roxana arguing with Enrique.

Yisel: (To brother) I have lived my life for you, I have dedicated myself in two months to make you happy, our parents have died because of you, because of your drug addiction, because of not knowing when enough is enough, because of wanting to drive while still drugged, that's why is that you made yourself the traumatized, the mentally retarded, so as not to go to jail ?, for that ?, ANSWER ME!!! If you were only a man and recognized your mistakes, if only you were able to get ahead, if you only loved me a little, damn, I AM YOUR BLOOD !!! Your state. (Looking at Roxana). You must be Roxana, they've already told me everything about you, you've come at a bad time, get out of my house ...

Roxana: Enrique is mine, neither you nor anyone else will be able to change it.

Yisel: Try it!

Roxana begins to fight with Yisel, when Ringo enters with a gun and drugged.

Everyone is paralyzed.

Ringo points his gun at Yisel.

Yony: Don't hurt my sister, don't hurt her, or I swear to god I killed you.

Ringo: Yes, all this time he cheated on you, we all cheated on you, we knew what had actually happened, and we didn't tell you anything, nothing, if only you had continued as you were, none of this would have happened, now you depend on my, your life is in my hands, just pull this trigger and that's it, heh, no more Yisel, the sister who does everything for her brother, heh, how pathetic. Well yes, I prefer no more Yisel to not continue with this story... sorry.

Yony jumps in front of Yisel just as Ringo pulls the trigger. Yony falls to the floor dying.

Yisel: No!!! no, no, (Cry), don't do this to me twice in this life ...

Yony: Forgive me, forgive my mistakes, I love you... (Dies).

Yisel is next to the floor crying, they all move away from the scene, leaving the two alone.

The end.


Thank you for reading me and dedicating a few minutes of your life to me today. To my sponsors, thank you very much for so much support. This experience is being incredible so far.

See you between the lines, my friends.

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Written by   49
2 months ago
Topics: Emotion, Live, Heartbreak
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Using your sister to live, and playing dumb so as not to face justice, is an ideal combination for a person without feelings. The end of luxury.

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2 months ago

Ufffh, such an emotional ending. Well! I was also expecting the same ending. Always be aware of the double-faced people. Have a good day.

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2 months ago

Yes, a great ending, always thinking of you, thank you and good morning.

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2 months ago

I didn't read the previous ones but stopped by to leave you a tip. I finally got the internet installed and it works great. A hug

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2 months ago

Oh good, how happy I am, tell me how it went, how you solved the problems. Thanks for saying hello friend.

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2 months ago

My neighbor gave me the opportunity to share her antenna. I pay her $105. And the company charged me $245 to install and for an 8 gig plan. Now we have internet without crashing every now and then.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

touching ending, get a meaningful lesson.

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2 months ago

Good thing you liked the ending. Thanks friend.

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2 months ago