To Whom This Poem Is Referring?

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2 years ago

This untalented poem is a representative of an event that happened in the holy bible....

To the bible scholars on this amazing platform, bridle on this poem and tell everyone with a constructive comment to whom it was referring to?


Once upon a time in the ancient jungle of the middle East

There arose a powerful elephant that ravaged the foes of his species

The dreadlocks of his pate was the betokening evidence of his transcendental strength

The bewildered mind could not have unrivalled the fall if the elephant but the spirits of the time gave some inkling

"Why did the elephant had to fraternise with the ant?"

She was as innocent as the moon. Soft and tender as the Velvet of the night.

Her beauty mesmerized the elephant but she was a venomous ant

Bedazzled by the beatific smile that bedecked her face.

The elephant fell head over heel in love with the ant but this was a bad was not meant to be.

He be_took himself to her bosom, befogged by her beauty.

Hypnotised to stupor, lost in the Bermuda Triangle of her feigned love until the elephant was brought down by the ant

To whom shall I liken the mighty elephant, and to whom shall I liken the little ant?

The writer awaits for the answer

Thank you all so very much for your usual support as I await your acute contributions to my untalented article

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This story is referring to samson and Delilah

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2 years ago