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2 years ago

Hello Everyone

Another opportunity is here for some lucky persons to earn some BCH.

@LeoBanna is going to be off tomorrow for some important reasons.. Therefore,@Khrispyshots has decided to help him with a give_Away

Am here to write a short post saying @LeoBanna stay safe and stay outta trouble from your off tomorrow on this amazing platform. We will miss you around. And i hope you resume activities soon when you are through with what you are doing

For those interested In joining this GiveAway below are @Khrispyshots simple rules to follow:

1- like his post

2- drop a post telling @LeoBanna to stay safe

3- mention his name @khrispyshots and also @LeoBanna name too

4- drop a link to your post on his comment section

prizes are to be won are:

first place - 0.075

2nd place - 0.05

3rd - 0.025

winners would be announced by 21:00 WAT

Here is the link to hop in in this GiveAway:

Giveaways time

Good luck Everyone and stay safe as well

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$ 0.03 from @khrispyshots


This is a beautiful contest to engage in and I wish @LeoBanna all the best on staying safe and healthy

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2 years ago

Thenk you so very much @Ajala_Junior. I hope you join is ASAP.... His nam is @Leobanna not Leobanner. Pls check and make the correction Tnx

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2 years ago

I hope I win working in it right away

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2 years ago

Hahaha I wish you all the best

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2 years ago

I wish I got to know about this earlier.i would have partake

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2 years ago