In 2019, fake Satoshi became a trend

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In 2019, the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto again revealed his identity at least a couple of times. True, the community rejected most high-profile statements from “pseudo-camo” with skepticism or outright mockery, however, some pseudo-creators of Bitcoin do not give up. Here is a list of the most desperate of them.

Craig S. Wright
This is perhaps the most famous and long-running candidate for the title of creator of bitcoin, although in 2019, the trial of Wright and the heirs of Dave Kleiman crossed all reasonable boundaries. As a result, Wright was unable to provide or generate a private key for the first BTC blocks and wallets.

Thus, he was once again declared fake Nakamoto. However, Wright is still determined to influence the future of BTC and is preparing “something big”, promising that everyone will see it in 2020, especially those who are following the Bitcoin SV (BSV) project. What Wright will end up with is not yet known, but he succeeds in entertaining the crypto community.

“Oh, I love this guy, his statements are as fickle as the wind. And he forgot to say so in court at the Kleiman hearing. By the way, has he already paid his lawyers? ”- it is written in the account @RealSatoshiN, in which from time to time there are philosophical thoughts about decentralization.

@RealSatoshiN usually speaks quite politely on Twitter, unlike the same Wright, who, without choosing expressions, once again fell into a rage with subsequent surrender from social networks.

Bilal Khalid
There is another important fact about Nakamoto: it is assumed that the real Satoshi Nakamoto actually worked for the British National Health Service. He should have returned to work after losing the wallet.dat file on his laptop. As you can see, there’s no need to worry, Mr. Bilal Khalid has found a new application in the Tabula Rasa project, based on the ideals of free banking. In general, he was also quickly exposed, although he is still trying to ascribe to himself the creation of bitcoin.

Probably, his loud statement was a publicity stunt in support of the new crypto project.

Jörg Molt
Another detail: Mr. Nakamoto must be a bright person. Malt called himself the co-founder of Bitcoin, this happened at a conference in Las Vegas.

Such a large number of impostors makes us want to gather them all together and discuss who the real Nakamoto is.

“I dream of a peaceful conversation between #Bitcoin, #BitcoinCash #SV and #ABC, Dr. Craig having a glass of beer with Roger Ver, Bossak, Cihan Wu and Ton Weiss, and even Jörg Molt ...”, wrote one user.

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