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Wheat Farming And Cutting Traditionally & Technically

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Let's Start:

"Wheat Farming is a process in which we use different machines and traditional instrument to plough the suitable soil for sewing it in the soil that the grain can start germination to become the wheat plant."Wheat farming is very old profession and it is a very useful profession .In this farming. . Wheat is very useful for making bread for eating and even wheat flour is used in all the products of bakery 🥯🧁 we can say that wheat plays vital role in fulfilling our diet's .

Traditional Method:

In Traditional process of wheat Farming we uses the couple of Bull in a home made instrument for ploughing the soil vertically by this way soil becomes suitable for sewing the seeds in agricultural land.The ploughing of soil is repeated again and again so that the soil becomes suitable in a powder form or just like power.A old man behind the couple of bull is guiding to them for walking in a vertical and straight line.After this process man bestrew the wheat seeds in the ploughed soil for germination.As shown below:

Ploughing soil

Technical Method:

In this method technical machines Like tractor 🚜 and iron plough for ploughing the soil to make it suitable for cultivation.This process is a bit costly but by the help of this process we can cultivate round about 15 to 20 acres per day by one tractor and this process is very easy without any physical work.After ploughing the drill is used to sew the seeds in vertical form in the soil.

Tractor and Drill

Germination and Wheat Plants:

After the cultivation of seeds in the soil just after 10 days seeds germination is started and seeds after germination converted into the wheat plants then we use different types of sprays and other fertilizers for the growth of wheat plants . Fertilizer like Urea,DAP and other necessary chemicals for the protection of crop . Wheat Plants are shown below:

Plants Growing

After that the plants increases in height day by day and necessary irrigation is very important for the growth of wheat plants.This crop takes round about 5 to 6 months for ripening and converting into the wheat becomes suitable for cutting.When the wheat plant ripened then and its colour becomes yellowish or gold type colour and almost height of each plant is round about 2.5 feet to 3 feet.

Wheat Ripened

.Then we ll start the cutting by using iron cutter a groups of labour works in the fields to earn the wheat for to fed their children's .The Cutting process remain starts round about 15 to 25 days and the cutting process probably starts in the April and lead's to end just after 15 to 25 days.As shown below:

Labour Cutting The wheat Crop

When the process of cutting is completed then the process of binding starts .In the binding we use the strings to tie the wheat plants into small bundles so that it can be carry out easily by one person.The weight of each bundle is round about the 40 Kilograms (40 kg). After the process of binding these into the bundles the process of sifting takes place.As shown below:

Wheat Plants Bundles

When the process of bundles is completed then these bundles is sifted by using the threshers ."" "Thresher is a mechanical machine which is used to sift the wheat plant bundles to get the wheat""" In this step we Carry these bundles putting on the heads of labour for placing near the thresher .These Wheat Plants are threw into the thresher and convert the wheat plants into Bran and As shown:

Putting The Bundles In Thresher

This wheat is used for making the bread and other bakery products . For this purpose wheat is grinded into the flour.And Bran is used in the grass of animals so that they can eat this Bran.In the thresher mechanical process takes place.This machine rotates by using the tractor .And the required wheat is stored in the homes for eating purpose for one separation of wheat is shown:

Thresher Separating Wheat

Technical Method For Cutting:

In the technical cutting process we use the harvesting machine for getting the wheat . This process is very fast and require less time for cutting but a little costly process .By this process we have no need to use the labour we can get directly wheat .But this process has Disadvantage by this process bran is wasted which is useful for Animals.A harvester machine have a store for storing the wheat inside the harvester.By the harvesting we can cut down the 20 to 25 Acres per day.A harvesting process is shown below:

Harvesting Process

After all these processes we get the wheat and this wheat is shown below.This is very useful for making many bakery products and it is also used making bread and these breads are playing very vital role for human being diet.It contains necessary nutrients required for our body.Mostly villagers are farming the wheat Crop . Villagers stores the required amount at home for eating whole year extra amount they sell into the cities and in the return they get money for fulfilling their daily life necessities.

Wheat Pile

*""All the pictures are captured by me using camera hope everyone will enjoy this article waiting for your positive response """

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Written by   21
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