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What is Robot? Types of Robots. Advantages & Disadvantages

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"Robot is a artificial man which perform the tasks and daily life works of human being by using electrical signals in short we can say that it is a programmable machine which can perform human actions even it can perform monotonous tasks like cars building fighting fires even it can perform different surgeries to protect human life"Robot is mainly field of robotics.There are different kinds of robots are designed depending upon the situation of tasks .


There are five kinds of robots which is used in different markets factories depends upon their different shapes . Robots are mainly designed according to the requirements and nature of tasks robots can perform tasks that human can't.

(1) Pre-Programmed Robots:

Pre programmed robots perform tasks in the controlled environments in which it perform monotonous tasks which impossible for man to tackle the rusted environment.Pre programmed robots perform tasks are efficient and faster than human being. Even pre programmed robots contains mechanical arms to place the different parts from one place to another place for inserting engine.

(2) Humanoid Robots:

Humanoid Robots shows behavior like a human being and even have human expressions and faces.These robots perform activities like jumping, riding ,running etc.

For example:

Hanson Robotics`sophia.

(3) Autonomous Robots:

These robots tackle all activities independently to human being even there is no need for human being supervision and guidance.Such robots perform tasks and activities in open environment and uses the sensor for activities . For Example

Roomba vacuum cleaner it uses the sensor for roaming in entire home.

(4)Augmenting Robots:

Due to these augmented robots science fiction may becomes reality very soon.

Robotic Prosthetic🦾🦿 Limbs are the examples of augmented robots

(5) Teleoperated Robots:

These robots are the Semi-Autonomous robots and uses the wireless network to enable or perform the tasks in safe distance.These robots perform tasks in a geographical situations and in weather circumstances.For example

Human-Controlled Submarines used to perform tasks in oil spoilage and to detect drones.

In above mentioned type's of bot mostly of them are autonomous they are independent on human control and some of them are dependent on human guidelines for performing tasks and they contains different parts like power source and central processing unit for performing tasks.Mostly robots works on the sensor which provide stimuli in the form of electrical signals.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Robots:


Robots makes our life easy and protective from hazardous environment of factories and companies where it is very tough and difficult to perform tasks by human being in short we can say that they saves the workers from injuries from hazardous environment of factories.Productive Area's of industrial unit contains high ranged temperature which can be performed by robots.

By using robotic automation we can increase production level by leaps and bounds because robots can easily perform repeatedly tasks and in this way robotic is helpful for increasing production.

As we know human staff requires holidays for rest or for their attending functions or from some diseases but which decrease the cost effectiness on other side robotics eliminate the all risks and Increase the cost effectiness.


As robots can perform tasks faster , effectively, consistently due to these reasons robotic automation decreases the job opportunities for workers . This factor leads society towards poverty.As 1000 robots can perform tasks equal to 45000 it means it decreases the jobs opportunities for workers which is disadvantage of robotic automation.

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Date: April 9,2022.

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In modern era there is much use of robots

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5 months ago

Yes usage of latest technology is increasing day by day in every field of life.

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