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"Traditional Manufacturing of Clay Bricks By Fire Kiln"

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Manufacturing of bricks takes place in few steps.For this purpose first of all we ll take a basic raw materials required to manufacture the brick . First of all we ll take suitable soil or dirt which contains some properties like plasticity and which can maintain original shape after the firing process of kiln.In order to make form bricks we ll take a some amount of soil snd the we ll grind the soil into small particles or powder form as shown below

soil or dirt

Clay or Mud Formation

Now we ll take this amount of soil in front of water .We make a paste like mixture of soil and water . After mixing the water in soil or dirt we ll mix this dirt and water finely so that that every part of soil moisturized completely after making this paste we ll wait for one or t days so that the paste get bit hard shape required for making bricks as shown below.

clay or paste of water and dirt

Cart To Carry The Mud:

In order to form the clay bricks we ll put the paste or mud onto the cart and then we ll placed at the front of bricks master bricks master ll .This cart is specially formed by wood but some brick master are using iron cart but wood cart is much suitable.

cart for carrying clay

Bricks Master :

Now bricks master ll convert this clay into the bricks by using a small cover or clay block of required size.Brick er taking some amount of clay in hands and then putting in the block to make bricks.As shown below.

Bricks master doing work

Drying Procedure:

These bricks are in a wet form that's why we ll place them one by one in the front of sunlight so that bricks can got dried form.The bricks master place these wet bricks in the front of sunlight for 3 to 4 days so that the bricks become totally dried up and then arranged in the form of Wall as shown.

bricks in dried form

Arranging Bricks in Kiln Street:

After this process we ll place these bricks in well ordered arrangement in a Firing Kiln and then we ll burn these bricks so that these bricks become solid the arranged form picture of bricks in streets of fire kiln . During this step fuel like coal and and other waste for burning ate placed in the clay bricks

Bricks arranged in kiln street

Fuel For Baking Bricks:

In order to change their colour in Red form the bricks burning process by the firing kiln is very old and traditional in this step the kiln factory owners use the " Coal" for burning process coal is a fuel which boast the firing process in a kiln. This process takes place round about four to five days. The fuel used in bricks kiln is shown below


Last Step of Manufacturing:

After this burning process the bricks arranged in fire kiln becomes red and changed into solid form which is supplied in villages and cities according to the demand . The fire kiln height is round about 40 feet so that smoke and dust of fuel can not disturb normal life of people living near to the kiln .the kiln picture is shown below.

Fire Kiln

Usage For Construction:

These bricks are used in Construction of buildings Rooms walls .Many people are running their bricks kiln business because it is the basic need for construction of every society in citizen areas there is large consumption of bricks in many buildings construction.

Bricks in ready from

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Date:31 March 2022

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Written by   21
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