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Some Interesting Facts About Giraffe

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5 months ago

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well.Today I am going to share with you some amazing and interesting facts about Giraffe.As all the animals created by God and all of them are different in their nature .

Let's Start:

Giraffe is mainly found in the forests of Africa.Due to long tail and long neck and due to long tongue giraffe looks just like a aliens of Africa than other animals of Africa.According to scientific research giraffe are divided in four types:

(1) Southern

(2) Northern

(3) The Masai and

(4) Reticulated giraffes

All the giraffes found in Africa and also loves in Africa .The southern belongs to southern continent and northern from northern sides of Africa and others belongs to a east of Africa.A giraffes pic is shown below:

Leading Image:

(1) Giraffe tongue acts like a finger:

Giraffe tongue acts just like a finger's . Giraffe tongue is 45cm to 50cm long snd can perform all the action's just like a finger's for eating and grasping the delicious leafs from a long and thorny trees and even giraffe have a finger's like papillae around the mouth for protection of moth from big and Sharp thorns at the time of eating grass.

(2) No need for drinking much:

As we know giraffe neck is not is not to long so that giraffe can't reach to the water for drinking purpose.Due to large height giraffe needs to spread his legs for drinking the water or have need to kneel down for reaching the ground water during the drinking it very easy for predators to target the giraffe that's why giraffe have no need to drink more water just have need to drink small amount of water . Giraffe fulfill his water needs from the leaves of trees.Due to this ability giraffe can survive without drinking on daily basis.

Giraffe uses their neck for fighting purpose.When two male giraffes starts fighting then we can say situation is known as """necking""" and when one of them give up fighting then they starts to eat.

(3) Long necks :

Giraffe long neck is very useful for protecting to the giraffe from predators .As giraffe can see predators from long distance and can run towards their safe places.And giraffe have great lookouts so that they can focus predators animals from long distance.

(4) Tallest Animal of the world:

Due to large neck and lang legs we can say that the giraffes are the tallest animals in the world.A fully grown giraffe can stand for 4.3 to 5.7 meters tall and round about 18 to 20 even a child giraffe at the time of birth have height just like a person who is standing.But completely grown giraffe have height equal to 3 mens standing on their shoulders.

(5) Birth of Baby Giraffe:

A female giraffe gives birth yo s baby giraffe by standing. During birth a baby giraffe falls round about 2 meters toward the ground .The baby giraffe lies on the earth without hurting their mother .And a baby giraffe or calf's stays for 1 and half year.

(6) Giraffe sleeping:

I am really surprised when I saw that a giraffe can sleep when standing .Due to above mentioned facts about giraffe we can say that giraffe is totally different than other animals in performing actions of daily life and even by his body parts. A fully grown giraffe weight is 1200kilograms to 1900 kg and giraffe can walk round about 50 kilometers per day .A giraffe can live round about 25 to 30 year and this their average age . African people hunt's the giraffe for fulfilling their meat requirements . According to the census of 1989 the total numbers of giraffe were 1 lakh 40 thousands in Africa and according to the census of 2010 it decreases to 80 thousands .


"""Thanks for reading my article waiting for your positive response because your positive response encourage me to write more informative articles"""

Blogger : Devii-812
Date    : April 29,2022.

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Written by   21
5 months ago
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My favorite animal is the giraffe I don't have much knowledge but now I can say I have thanks dude Glad to know giraffe long neck is useful for them ;-)

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5 months ago

Yes my friend giraffe long neck is very useful for giraffe . Giraffe can save himself from predators when they are far apart from giraffe at the time when giraffe is drinking water.

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5 months ago

I didn't knew it before that giraffe can sleep while standings it's an amazing fact, thanks for sharing the information and amazing facts.

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5 months ago