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Satellite's and Their Usage (Benefits)

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""Satellite are the object that we put in orbit around the earth.These are Man-made objects.""


There are two types of satellites natural satellite and artificial satellite.Moon is considered as natural satellite which moves in the orbit around the earth while other satellite like International Spaces Satellite are considered as artificial satellite which is moving around the there are many satellites are orbiting around the earth.The first artificial satellite Sputnik was launched into the space on Oct. 4,1957.

These satellite are used for many purposes in the space .Many people thaught that the satellite may be crashed with the earth surface due to gravity but the astronaut design it according to the required limit and UpTo required speed so that it projectiles around the earth .It contains required centre petal and centre fugal force so the satellite remains in his orbit without any reason.

Benefits (Usage):

There are many benefits of satellites for human being and daily life experiments.

(1) Environmental Disorder:

Satellite are very useful Man made object which helps in the monitoring of environmental changing.Durring Climates and winds in the sea it helps the reader system to measure the sea surface which is in disorder form or where Sea size is rising fastly. Satellite are also helps the rising temperature of earth surface as well as ocean.Satellite are also very much beneficial for monitoring the glaciers changing size .In this way satellite helps the human being for monitoring the daily life environmental changing.

(2) Protection(Safety):

As we know satellite helps for monitoring the ocean and glaciers changing size as well as these satellites help to monitor the changing of earth surface like forest fire and oil spoilage and also leakage of fuel pipelines and also provide safety for rescue process to safe the human life such as for communication for informing the rescue offices to the location of accidents .It is also helps to measure the pollution rate change due to daily life activities.

(3) Space Information:

Before the manufacturing of satellites scientists were unable to detect the space changing activities and the rotation of earth planets and as well as galaxies.Now Days by the help of satellites we can judge the season changing as well as rainfall and also cloud formation and other space changing.We can also monitor the Storm which can affect human life badly.

(4) Business and Finance:

As we know satellite are the beneficial for creating communication between different countries by using networking system.It helps businessman sitting in two different countries .The can deal by using telephones and media resources for their dealing and for purchasing different things on international level.For this purpose satellite plays vital role in daily life activities and daily life dealings.For this purpose we use telephone which inform by signal to the satellite and then satellite inform the other country communication instrument and by this way communication between two countries becomes easier by the help of satellites.

(5) Navigation:

In the navigation system satellite plays vital role.It makes the flights process reliable and efficient by monitoring the changing of circumstances and helps the navigation system of military purposes for daily wars .

(6) Development:

Satellite are the main source for communication between whole world .In this way satellite helps for buying and selling products between international level which increase the economy rate of any county.

It is also helpful for online study purposes during COVID-19 which helps for increasing education level of entire country and education provides awareness in young generation which helps in the development of each and every country.

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 Article: Satellite's and Their

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Written by   21
5 months ago
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Yeah satellite 🛰️ are very important and also very beneficial for us may be we can not get more success without these!

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Yes Bro you are right & I m totally agree with you .

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