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Elon Musk Buys Twitter. And what are the implications?

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3 months ago

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well.Today I m going to share some amazing information about Twitter Deal .Who bought the Twitter and how much wealth owned by the owner of Twitter ?And now I am going to answer all these questions.

Let's start:

Yesterday I was scrolling my cell phone and when I have opened my Facebook then I heard a news about the deal of Twitter.Who bought the Twitter?

Mr. Elon Musk bought the Twitter for $44 billion yesterday.This is a great amount that is invested by Mr. Elon Musk just for buying Twitter platform as millions of people are using twitter per day.As shown below Buys Elon Musk buys Twitter.

Source:Leading Image taken from Social Media

At the beginning twitter was launched in 2004 as a social media platform or social media site used for sharing thaughts with a big audience.The total wealth or total revenue owned by a Twitter upto 2021 is round about 5 billion dollars and daily user's of Twitter is round about 217 million per day . No doubt Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are greater than Twitter but twitter is a platform which is special for sharing thaughts.Now days twitter is mostly used for sharing political thaughts to the users of Twitter.Now the question is arises in mind how Elon musk own Large amount ?

Mr. Elon Musk is a wealthiest person .The net amount owned by Mr. Elon Musk is round about 273 billion dollars and he is doing different business for investing his money .At present the Twitter followers of Elon Musk is round about 83 millions and he is using twitter platform aggressively against his opponents and sharing his daily life thaughts about his business.

Mostly people's are accusing to the Elon Musk in 2018 when the Elon Musk tweeted about his company Tesla's at that time share prices suddenly became down and then accused by Investment regulator that Elon Musk is misleading to the inventors and then a case registered against Elon musk and arranged out of Court settlement round about 40 million dollars.

And then in 2019 Elon Musk is accused by someone on Twitter tweet that Elon Musk is Child Abuser but Elon Musk proved that he not a guilty and not a child Abuser.

Similarly American people are using twitter for politician by using some wrong words tweet against opponent parties that's why Elon Musk tweeted that he has no confidence on the management . Even due to some bad tweets or some fake tweets the account of

@Donald J. Trump

is suspended from Twitter due to some reasons.

Blogger : Devil-812
Date  : April 27,2022.
Article Title: Elon Musk Buys
      twitter and what are the implications.

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