Sister-in-law's Reasons to Migrate.

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March 9, 2022, | Third Article

My sister-in-law is a graduate of Bachelor in Political Science and Bachelor in Law. She is currently a manager in one of the biggest BPO companies in Manila. This city is quite far from where we live, that is why we do not often see each other. I admire her a lot for being so workaholic, multitasker, goal-oriented and time-oriented. It's no surprise why she has a high-paying job, which made her own a car. I never thought of her plan to go abroad since she doesn't want to be far from her family. But I believe in herself since she's the kind of person who plans cautiously before doing the thing. In other words, she's a great planner.

Now, let's answer the query "Why Migrate?"


1. Economic Factors. Based on the data by iPrice, the average cost of living in the Philippines is 168 higher than the average income, thus the reason why a lot of Filipinos are struggling. As a cross-country comparison, WorldInfo data shows that the cost index for Australia is 263% higher than the Philippines, however, the income is higher by 1564%. This means that Australians can afford about 1301% more than Filipinos.

2.Traffic Issue in the Philippines. Who doesn’t complain about the traffic situation in the Philippines? Traveling for 4-5 hours a day is a lot of time wasted, a time we could have spent playing with the kids, or doing something more productive. The traffic situation has gotten worse over the years. Transferring to a nearer location to the office would mean living in a condo, higher cost of living, giving up the fresh air, and a whole lot more. This doesn’t mean that there’s no traffic in other countries though.

3.Education System. The purpose of educating the kids is for them to learn. Teach them to analyze, not memorize. Have you noticed how the education system in the Philippines has changed over the years? If we talk about global competitiveness, we are far from the standard. As an example, a 4-years Bachelor’s degree in a state university is equivalent to an AQF Associate degree in Australia or a three-year Bachelor’s degree in Canada. Or a Bachelor of Law in a private college is equivalent to an AQF diploma in Australia. If you want better education, go to Ateneo or La Salle, which both cost a fortune.

4.Healthcare System. Even if you save up millions, a family member with cancer may mean losing this money. Private health insurance is available but you need to pay thousands. In other countries, public healthcare is even more comprehensive compared to private health insurance coverage in the Philippines.

For her, if you are contemplating whether or not to migrate, you should list down the reasons and weigh them. These should be personal to you, depending on your situation. This is essential to have a purposeful goal.

Now, I understand her side of the story. I'll still be supportive of her and proud of her as well.

How about you? Do you plan to go abroad? What's your out-of-the-country journey? You may share it below through the comment section. I'll be glad to read it.

Thank you for visiting me here again. See you next time. 😄

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