Into Erotica?

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March 8, 2022, | Second article

Into erotica?

Some people prefer erotic literature as there is usually more context and story. Also, you can use your imagination more to make it work for you.

This erotic story is a work of pure fiction but is sexy as hell written by a close friend of mine named Nick. He is a proud member of the LGBT community and loves to write erotic literature. I asked him his reason behind it. He said it's because it does not just arouse him but at the same time stimulates his emotions. I told him that it is better if I will share his work on this platform so my read-cash friends could read it.

He agreed anyway.

Now, sink your teeth into this steamy story, read-cash friends! 😁


I’m comfortably seated at the table, enjoying my food when the bathroom door opens. I turn to my side to see him coming out from the shower, still all-wet, his bottom is covered with a thick towel that does nothing to hide his boner.

It’s been three days that we’re together, and I’m still mesmerized at how he gets into me whether he’s clothed or half or full naked --- at how his physique registers in my brain. He’s got broad shoulders, strong arms, prominent chest --- though not the guy with stone-hard, six-pack abs, I find him sexy with his little tummy fats and love handles.

He walks seductively toward my direction, and when he’s in front of me, he leans forward to give me a peck on the lips. “You done?” I know that question suppresses the most erotic motive behind it, so I ain’t got second thoughts, and quickly respond with a nod.

He grins.

His face is just a few inches away from mine, and after seconds of silence, he invades my lips with a torrid kiss. He isn’t the romantic type of guy that creates heated suspense before plunging into what he wants. He’s straightforward in all aspects, especially with his sexual advances.

My hands slowly move onto his nape, then idly rest on the back of his head while his palm caresses my cheek, subtly keeping my lips against his. I feel his warmth inside my mouth down to my throat, and the sensation of his kiss flutters my heart. It goes thumping. I close my eyes, and again, I let him take me to his world where my thoughts and fears are shut off. A safe place.

He motions toward the bed, and I instinctively follow him. This man sure does make me weak because my knees almost struggle to support my body when I get up from the chair.

We’re still kissing.

He lays me on the bed, not letting go of the kiss. After satiating himself with my mouth, he runs gentle kisses through my neck, my chest, my belly; he leaves red marks on spots his lips land on. He’s excited, and if only I could read his mind, he must be giddy that I’m already topless because he does not have much work to do undressing me.

He continues doing it as he seems pleased at how my body spontaneously arches with every kiss he plasters on my skin. He seems pleased with how hard I tug his hair. He’s a tease.

I’m too drowned in my emotion that I almost did not realize he’s already gotten rid of my shorts and undergarment. I look down at him and meet his eyes. They show hunger and eagerness to take on the prey just right under him. They manifest a thirst for power and possession.

I’m waiting. The prey is ready to be fully devoured anytime the predator wishes to.

He got up, kneeling on the bed. Without uttering a single word, I understand what he’s asking me to do. I pull myself up and move closer to him. He’s still in that piece of cloth, so I manage to take it off of him to give way to a delightful view. He knows I like looking at his manhood all the time, and I’ve forbidden him to wear anything on when we’re inside this hotel room, so this must be his way of pissing me off.

If that’s what’s in his mind, then he did not succeed because it did not subside my desire to suck his length --- all of it.

To be continued...



Did you enjoy it? You may express your views and reactions below through the comment section.

For me, there is maybe more to gain from it than just pleasure. There's nothing wrong with reading erotic literature. It's just up to you whether you like to read genres like that or not. For some, It's is a great storytelling medium.

Thank you for visiting me here read-cash-friends!

See you next time. 😀

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Hahaha. I now know your secret. It's the same as mine. 😂 @Physio.

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I will tell you a secret😀, Erotic novels spur my day each time I'm bored. And You're right about using imagination to follow the story word for word as you will be more hooked to it and you will think You're watching a movie rather than reading a novel.

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