Conquered the LET exam with a heavy heart.

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March 7, 2022, | First Article

I want to start this story by explaining what LET means. LET stands for Licensure Exam for Teachers. It is a qualifying exam for all students who aspire to be a teacher. Of course, you have to take up the Teacher Education program. For graduates of any Bachelor's degree, you may take up the TCP or Teacher Certificate Program. It's the fastest way to get into the Teaching Profession, requiring only 18 units of Professional Education.

And this is how I conquered the LET...

Three months ago, before the LET, we decided to throw a birthday party with our mother. We chose yellow as a motif since she is running sixty. It was well-planned until my father, the pillar of our home, was sick with his yellow shirt. And granted eternal rest by God, eight days before the party. From that time, the color yellow became significant to me.

But I started hating number seventeen since it happened on the 17th of June. I began hating number five too because of my half-sister, who passed away on the 5th of August. It was incredibly frustrating. But, I trusted God and believed Him. That, He will fulfill every purpose He has for me.

Who would have thought that my examination room was color yellow? I barely see any other color than yellow in that room. Who would have thought that it was room 17? And who would have thought that my seat number was 5?

God is amazing. Nothing can happen without God ordaining it. You just really have to find the sign and trust the process.

Pain is not without purpose. “Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10). “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good” (Romans 8:28).​

These two verses help me to stop worrying about how things are going to work out. My heart is peaceful when I remember that God promises to work for his glory and our eternal good.

Thank you, God, for finally letting me become a Licensed Professional Teacher. Thank you for letting my family beam smile again after all these months. I owe this success to You, to my proud father, who was with You now, and to my loving family.

I am what I am because You want me to become what I am.


Indeed, life can be going along smoothly for a season. Then, all of a sudden, life throws a curveball.

Thank you guys for staying this far. 🙂 May I know here who believed in signs too? And what makes your board exam memorable? Comment down below. I'll be glad to hear it.

Anyway, to those who are in pain or have a heavy heart right now, please don't lose hope. God is always with us, we can trust him all the time.

Keep the faith!

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Topics: Trial, Success, Hope, Trust, God, ...