Tutorial how to win saving your BDCASH (Fits all PoS coins)

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Getting your BDCASH

BDCASH coins cannot be mined, so the best way to get coins is by buying from the exchanges available, links below:

https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange/Basic?market=BDCASH_BTC https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange/Basic?market=BDCASH_UTIP https://exchange-assets.com/en/?market=bdcash_btc https://exchange.sperocoin.org/markets/bdcashspero https://exchange.sperocoin.org/markets/bdcashdoge https://exchange.sperocoin.org/markets/bdcashbtc https://erex.io/exchange/BDCASH/BTC/
https://erex.io/exchange/BDCASH/DOGE/ https://erex.io/exchange/BDCASH/ETH/
https://erex.io/exchange/BDCASH/EREX/ https://erex.io/exchange/BDCASH/USDT/

or directly via the web wallet, thus helping developers to budget for the next exchange.
Web wallet - https://wallet.bigdatacash.online/

Getting your Wallet PC

To have your wallet downloaded in the GITHUB repository and download it, at the time of writing, there is no need for a bootstrap for synchronization, just download and wait for your synchronization, which will be very quick, click the link below to download your wallet, just choose the OS of your preference.
Link; https://github.com/bdcashdev/BigDataCash/releases

Obtaining BDACSH without mining (Proof-Of-Stake)

There are two ways for you to do this, via Wallet PC or in a Pool Staking.

1- By Wallet PC

After downloading, synchronizing and having your coins purchased, it will be simple to start your stakes, go to the main menu at the top of your wallet and follow the steps:

1st Step - go to SETTING> ENCRYPT WALLET - Create your password, after that your wallet will close automatically, then open it again.

2nd step - go to SETTING> UNLOCK WALLET - enter your chosen password, wait and your wallet will be ready to receive stakes.

NOTE: Remember that you need to have coins in your wallet for at least 4 hours before starting the STAKES and at least 100BDCASH to start and it is also not necessary to leave your wallet open 24/7, just open it once a day and leave it for 1 or 2 hours to receive your stakes, after that close it.

2-By the Pool Staking

To get new coins through Pool Staking, just in a pool stakin, I recommend these two:

CoinStake - https://www.coinstake.in/?r=1767 (Pool Staking 100% trusted)
SHM - https://discord.gg/YXJzYgP (Discord server Pool Stakin/Masternode 1005 trusted)

After buying your tickets at one of the exchanges, create your registration (COINSTAKE) or just join the server (SHM), send your coins and you will start receiving your staking on your balance.

Recalling that Pools charging small maintenance fees that vary from 3% to 5%, being deducted from their gain by each stake held.

Bearing in mind that Pool STAKING works with a single balance of the same currency, bringing more possibilities of several daily stakes, which sets it apart from the stake in PC wallet.

Once you have your stakes, simply ask for your winnings to be withdrawn or leave them for each stake to increase even more.

I hope this little Tutorial can help those who still don't know how PoS (Proof-OF-Stake) works

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