Tutorial: How to make your BDCASH investment

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3 years ago

The BDCASH investment program was created for investors who want medium or long-term profit, locking BDCASH in a balance and bringing 10% monthly profit for 1 year, totaling 120% annually, and normally on your PC wallet it would be 15 % Yearly.

It is worth remembering that the system works in a way that helps investors and at the same time forces the price upwards due to the fact that there are few coins in circulation until the time that this article was created.

Every 30 days the investor will receive 10%, of which 50% will remain locked until his investment plan ends, that is, the investor will not be able to use this 50% avoiding inflation in the market.

To start your investment is simple, quick and easy, so come on!

1- REGISTER on the BDCASH web wallet and confirm your registration in your email (Visit SPAM folder if you cannot find the confirmation email). After confirmed login.

2- To make your investment you need to have balance in your web wallet, for this we recommend using BDCASH Market, you do not have a transaction fee and your coins arrive instantly in your balance, if you prefer to use exchanges:

3- Now with your coins in balance, let's start our investment.

4- In the "service" menu, choose the "BDCASH investment" option.

5- I accepted the terms of use and proceed.

6- Choose the amount to be invested.

7- Now complete your investment.

Ready! your investment is active and awaiting your monthly earnings.

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3 years ago