How to building Share MN IhostMN

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2 years ago

To participate in a shared MN on IHOSTMN is very simple and easy, follow our little tutorial.

First need to have BDCASH wallet download it here or android here!

After downloading and synchronizing (wallet pc) you need to buy your first coins, you can find them on one of these exchanges below:

Unnamed Exchange :
Assets-Exchange :
BitSails-Exchange :
Bitstorage-Exchange :
LupBit-Exchange :
Altilly-Exchange : (Recomended)
Finexbox-Exchange :
Erex-Exchange :

If you prefer to buy directly through the Ihostmn platform and avoid the fees.

Remember! You need deposit BTC to buy

After having your coins, we will participate in a shared masternode, follow the steps below.

visit the link to get started.

register your wallet for withdrawal, this action will generate your walelt for deposit also stay tuned.

Now send the amount you want, we recommend at least 100 coins for a satisfactory result.

Your earnings can be withdrawn at any time.

Didn't like it or have Coins for a full MN see the video below.


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