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It is an online Russian exchange since 2017, it has a complete and very attractive platform, although not very well known it is quite safe for today.

The ExchangeAssets platform combines 14 different services, among them:

1) exchange of cryptocurrencies;

2) exchange of referrals;

3) investment in InvestBox;

4) investment in share of ExchangeAssets;

5) investment in share of deposits;

6) earnings on transitions by reflink;

7) earnings on surfing and faucet;

8) earnings on writing posts;

9) renewal system of PREMIUM and VIP statuses;

10) games;

11) advertising sites in surf;

12) advertising textual advert;

13) 728х90 advertising banners;

14) a three-level referral system that includes 11 services (from 1-st to 11-th service).

It is developed in two languages ​​RUSSIAN and ENGLISH.

There are many coins listed, among them BDCASH.

You can currently find their data on two monitoring platforms.


Coinpaprika ( HOT! )

Coingecko (Coming soon)

Coinmarkecap (Coming soon)

For more details click on the link:

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