Advertise your website or project and still earn with it, understand how!

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We recently launched our ad platform (PTC) which has been gaining new users every day, today it has already surpassed 630 registered users generating over 10,000 views, data collected at the time of posting this article.

We work in a simple and practical way that has been bringing results to everyone who has their propagation linked to our platform.


For Advertisers

Have your project or website being released 24 hours a day and for users with great investment potential, all for a price that varies by advertising packages, see here.
They are unique and guaranteed views, remembering that all ads can be paid only and exclusively with BigdataCash.

For Users

Earn from $ 0.005 to $ 0.01 for ads viewed for 30 seconds. It is simple to visit the ads by clicking on the link, remembering that only one ad will be counted pro time.
After visualizing and counter resetting your credits will be available on your dashboard, after having your balance equal or greater than $ 1.00 you can withdraw in BDCASH.

You can also participate in our FARM by registering you can activate and win your first machine for free.
To generate revenue is very simple, Activate the machine and wait 15 minutes to start generating “mBDCASH”, after collecting it, after collecting it you can convert your coins into a balance, where 70% goes to the farm’s balance that will be used for purchase of new machines and 30% for its main balance already converted into dollars.

You who like to get results faster can buy additional machines where each level has a different amount of coins being generated, remembering that they can also only be purchased with BigdataCash

Where to get BDCASH?
You can find it on the following exchanges, listed below:

Unnamed Exchange :

Crex24 Exchange:




Assets-Exchange :


BitSails-Exchange :


Bitstorage-Exchange :




Finexbox-Exchange :

Erex-Exchange :

You need a wallet, we have PC and Android.

Wallets PC :

Wallet Android:

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