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Bullying,not to be underestimated...

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1 year ago

The day before yesterday was just an ordinary day for me, finished working from 6am to 2pm, tired and not in the mood. My normal routine everyday is to pick up my son from school.. school is done at 3pm, i saw my son coming towards me at the school gate, saw this other kid looking at my son and trying to ask questions about one of their other classmate and my son answered quitely and slightly bowing his head to talk to him at the same time looking at his eyes..

Then, when we were inside the car, he was trying his best to explain what happen at school at the same complaining that he has pain everywhere and a big dark blue bruise on his elbow.. he was beaten by the kid that i saw earlier, and i was mad at first because he didnt tell me directly but then i realise that he was just hesitant to tell because he was afraid of that kid. He was called names like dumb, gay and etc..and some unpleasant words.. That day we went to the doctor to let him check and someone advice us to go the police to file a complaint.

That night my son hasnt had enough sleep and was crying..he doesnt want to go to school anymore.. i said you have to be strong, you should not let him get unto you and for sure not let your study suffer with it. Luckily he listened and today he was able to survive the day without bullying..the kid has also his punishment from the director and separated from the rest of the class..

It is just sometimes unbelievable and frustrating that there are such things that you cannot control especially when it comes to your son or just have to be strong for them..and let them know that they are being supported and loved.. bullying is mentally stressful and emotionally draining, not to mention the confidence of the child goes down with it, because they tend to believe what the others say..

I strongly against bullying, talk to your child and teach them to be good and have respect to others, in that way bullying could be stopped..

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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