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Terrible Doctor_part-02

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6 months ago

Smriti took her 50-year-old mother to see a doctor, an MBBS doctor at Dhaka Medical College

Dr. To Apurba.

Wonderful to see and hear wonderful! Age 30/32. But it looks like 24/26. The way of talking is also quite .. Beautiful. So any girl is bound to be attracted to him. Memory is no exception. Smriti and Dr. to get his mother checked. Apurba is one of them. And they exchanged the numbers of the two From then on, they started talking regularly. And once upon a time Smriti fell in love with Apurba. Apurba agrees. Then Smriti used to come to the medical college every day to meet Apurba. Apurba used to chat with him. Apurba's chamber guard Nitesh witnessed all this. He calls Apurba Sir Before actually reading the memory, I used to ask him where is your sir .....

After going like this for some time, he suddenly stopped coming to Smriti Medical. A few days later another beautiful girl came to Nitesh and asked where is your sir? Nitesh said Sir is looking at the patient in the chamber ...

The name of the beautiful girl is Rimi 6 Rimi and Apurba used to come and chat with Apurba for some time. Nitesh used to notice everyone. A few days later, Rimi stopped coming.

Two days later, a female police officer went to Apurba's chamber to get her checked. Police also fell in love with TO Apurba. Her name is Maisha. This time Apurba immediately started communicating with him. Maisha also comes and goes regularly like Smriti and Rimi. Seeing Nitish Sabi and the way I would be a doctor today, so many girls would move with me. Borolok's huge business 6

After a while, Maisha also stopped coming. Nitish noticed the red spot on Apurba Sir's cheek. Someone seems to have hit quite a couple. Nitesh said, "Sir, did Maisha Didi not come today?"

Apurba said their treatment was over and they would not come again.

Dhaka City Intelligence Department has received the news of Missing Cass. About 20 young women are missing. Tensions have risen within the intelligence department. Because all of these missing cases are middle-aged young women, no young men. So is it someone's job? Or a group's joint work? They can't reconcile.

In the meantime, sensational information has come to the intelligence department. Can't find a female police officer !! There is panic in the whole department. Pressure is coming from the upper floor. How can those who cannot protect themselves protect the people? The whole intelligence community is now up and running to rescue this missing mystery.

After a while, the detectives saw the light of hope

Dhaka Medical College has added formula with all the missing cases. Now it's time to apply this formula.

Based on intelligence information, some of the Dhaka Metropolitan Medical College. Apurba goes to meet him at the chamber. But he is not found there.

They are interrogating Nitesh.

Where is your sir

Nitesh, I don't know, sir He hasn't been here for three days.

Why not?

Sick sir, don't come. Sir's phone has been off for a while.

From there they took note of all the details of Apurba. They quickly went to Apurba Dhanmondi Fat. But hanging on to the fat. When the doorman asked Moti Mia, he said, "Sir, you don't live here." He lives in Uttara ,,,,,,

Police force went to Apurba flat in Uttara. Didn't find him there. The doorman said he did not come home for 3 days. They broke the lock of Apurba's room to search. But I didn't get anything like that.

Maisha woke up. He is sitting alone in a dark room.

Someone opened the window of a corner of the house and left. Some light air came inside the room and fell on Maisha's body. Maisha regained consciousness But his hands and feet obstructed. He realized that he had been imprisoned in a secluded place. The room is surrounded by forest. So people are not likely to be here.

Maisha smelled biryani. It's as if someone is coming towards him with biryani. He has not eaten for two days so he is very weak.

Someone told Maisha to say yes

Maisha ha karo I am feeding you. No one else had the good fortune to eat at this time, because they were not given this opportunity. But I give it to you for your courage. You are very lucky.

The man force-fed Maisha.

Apurba is smiling. He had to gain a lot of speed to subdue Maisha. Maisha felt him fainting. Being a policewoman, her physical strength is also higher than other girls. For which Apurba is beaten by Maisha. However, under the influence of medicine, Maisha became unconscious.

Apurba has locked Maisha in her old bungalow in Bhawalgarh. Where he left Smriti, Rimi and many others with the last breath of life.

Apurba thinks the human brain is a strange thing. His talent will be sharper if he plays it. Mental strength will increase. He has learned this from the lives of a group of militants in the jungles of Africa. They eat the brains of their dead predecessors

Apurba takes Maisha to her experiment room with her arms and legs tied. Although Maisha is quite brave, she is scared to see the environment there! Because there are 15/16 more girls without skulls sitting there like her !!! Those. Someone pulled the brain out of the head!

Maisha,? Are you scared They were all scared. After coming here, he became unconscious. So I killed them with a lot of pain. Aren't you afraid?

Oh, you are a very brave girl

Maisha said don't do this to me. Leave me. I'll leave. I won't do anything to you. Please leave me.

Sorry dear Maisha! People who come here once can't go back hahaha (laughs)

Don't be afraid, Maisha. You are the only person who will die laughing! You are very lucky Maisha! I'm jealous of you now

He brought a wonderful act board in front of Maisha and let her do some math there

Maisha Maisha used to do this number ,,,,, your brain will be fresh. Do the math. Apurba left because I made the rest of the arrangements.

After a while, Apurba Ekta came back with the bag in her hand.

He took Ekta's cake out of the bag, cut it himself, and said, "Happy Death Day - Happy Death Day - Happy Death Day to you dear Maisha, Happy Death Day to you."

Maisha is not talking. He realizes that he is in the grip of a crazy madman. From which it is impossible to escape.

Apurba fed Maisha a piece of cake. Then Ekta grabbed something near his nose. Maisha laughed. She is smiling reluctantly. Now it is not in his control to stop this laughter Because Apurba Maisha has received love gas Which makes people laugh even in great pain. Which he can't stop even if he wants to.

Maisha is smiling in the chair. Meanwhile, Apurba cut Maisha's forehead with a sharp Ekta scissors from her bag (imagine, someone is cutting your forehead but you can't do anything but smile) Maisha is in great pain but still smiling. Apurba Maisha removes the skin of her forehead and the burnt hair of her head !!! Maisha is not dead yet! Apurba brought a mirror in front of Maisha and grabbed it. Then he said look at this Maisha, how the inside of your head is moving. Saying this, Ekta left Shui teaching! Maisha shouted and said kill me !!! I can't stand this pain ....

Apurba is smiling .... Then he pulled Maisha's brain away from his head. Maisha died instantly. Apurba Maisha's brain went away from there in a single packet.

After reading it for a while, the detective police came there and was surprised and scared! How can a single person be so barbaric! One of the detectives saw something written on a white piece of paper,

The writing is, (Wow: The police in Bangladesh have been upgraded well .... but I am much smarter than you hahahaha, catch me hahaha)

Will they be able to catch Apurba?


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Written by   70
6 months ago
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