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Terrible Doctor

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7 months ago

Rajshahi Medical College, a renowned neurology cardiologist and professor of surgery. VDS Shankar. The next three letters (V.D.S) of the Doctor (Dr.) he put himself. Being a famous doctor, many people think that it may be a VIP degree. But no, that means something else.

Dr. Shankar performs 3/4 or 5 serious cases of surgery every day. And completes them very efficiently. For this he has received several national and international awards. He did not get married even after reading so much. Because of this many people laugh or are surprised. But he loves to avoid them.

Today is the last Saturday of the month. Dr. Shankar enjoys this day very much. Freshen up in the morning and go to work at the hospital with body perfume. As soon as he went to the hospital, he called Moti Mia.

Moti Mia ....

Yes sir

How many serious patients are there today?

Moti Mia ,,, at 6 o'clock sir.

Say the name of the patient ,,,

Moti Mia ,,,, 1. Riaz Ali (18 years old)

2. Rahim Mia (36)

3. Farida Begum (40) 4. Arif (20) 5. Dew (7)

. Petals (18) and 6. Anik (22) Sir.

Among these few, Sir Farida Begum, Riaz Ali, the condition of the petals is very bad, it is difficult to save sir!

You first give my serial to Riaz Ali, then Farida Begum, then to Papri. Send the rest to another doctor's serial. It should not be read before.

Moti Mia made the serial as per the doctor's instructions.

At around 1 o'clock, Riaz Ali successfully completed his first abdominal surgery.

But Farida Begum's surgery at 3 o'clock had to get quite fast. Older woman, with a good head injury. The blood clots. However, Dr. Shankar successfully completed the surgery with very fine hands in about 2 hours.

It is now 6 o'clock in the evening. The surgery chamber is dark. Dr. Shankar is sitting inside. Absolutely simple people to see. But as soon as you read it, you can see the look behind his mask !!!

After reading this, the petals were sent to the surgery chamber.

The heart of the petals has leaked. It goes without saying that there is no possibility of survival. So everyone in his family gave up hope.

But Dr. Shankar successfully completed the surgery within 1 hour. Yet he lied to his family about having to have open heart surgery. If he does, he will have some chance of survival. And Dr. Shankar will not take any money for this. So Petal's family gave permission.

About 11 o'clock at night. The petals are tied to the bed by Dr. Shankar. Because he had already had successful petal surgery. So the knowledge of the petals can return at any time! Dr. Shankar took the vermilion out of his pocket, recited some mantras and recited it on the petals. Then he had intercourse with her. By then the knowledge of the petals has returned! He's watching but can't say anything! Because Dr. Shankar has already given him a paralyzed injection. So he is able to move. Water is falling through the eyes of the petals. After enjoying the petals, Dr. Shankar took a more terrible form. He cut the petals from the abdomen to the chest with a sharp knife !!! Petals were awake then. (Imagine that someone cut you from your stomach to your chest while you were conscious !!) The petals are in great pain and suffering but still can't say anything. Dr. Shankar is smiling! You hear petals! Tonight at the end of the day I will eat your kidneys, meat! I wish I could feed you but you won't survive. How are you not angry? With this, Shankar cut off Ekta Kidney of petals! The petals died due to excessive bleeding. Dr. Shankar then cut a few pieces of flesh from the belly of the petals and picked them up. Then the heart of the petals was cut and filled in that packet. At the end of it all, the body of the petals swayed as if nothing had happened inside. Dr. Shankar came out of the operation theater and said sorry, the patient could not be saved.

No one was surprised by the death of the petals as it was a serious case. As if this was to happen. No one knew what had happened to him. Only one of them is thinking. She is Moti Mia. She wonders, "Why do all the surgeries performed by Dr. Shankar on the last Saturday of the month die?" Is this a coincidence?

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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