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7 months ago

- Jannat and Nisha became terrified after listening to me. Then I heard the sound of someone coming down the stairs.

- I looked at them and said. He seems to have come too soon.

🇧🇩Nisha looked around and said: - Hey, where can I escape🤷🏻‍♀. There is no way out of here.

- Hey, go to a corner and hide for now. Go inside that cupboard and hide.

- As I said, they ran to the cupboard. I also started looking for another place.

- Why are you standing?

াLocking in the cupboard.

I went to the cupboard. It was really locked. However, the condition is almost like rust. I unlocked the lock with a twist. Then I pushed the two of them and pushed them inside

- Hold tightly from the inside. Anyway, don't open anything. I won't come out without saying.

িনBut where do you go / you also come here

- No, sister, there will be no place for three people here. Don't worry I'm here.

ক্ষণAt that time the sound of footsteps almost went inside the cell.

- I ran and hid the box in one of the pitches. I looked up.

- Mama is roaring like an animal with that photo and looking around the cell. But he doesn't have eyes. Suddenly 7 is moving towards the cupboard.

My heart is dry with fear.

- Wouldn't you like to see them? No, no, I have to do something before that.

I looked around and saw nothing. My eyes went to the bottom of the ark and I realized the iron chain. Wow! Maybe this will be of any use to me. As soon as he pulled the chain, there was a rattling sound. As soon as the voice came to my ears, Khaled turned to me with Ram Da.

Defeat what to do now. He is coming towards me. Maybe he'll hit me right now and break me. I started calling out to Allah out of fear.

Then it seemed that a shadow came and stood beside me. I looked up and saw .. A strong blow of liability came very close to me and went along my head and went up to my stomach. My head was broken. Blood flow began to flow in the cell 😭🥺😖 ........................... ........................... .................................................

Maybe now your heart is also trying to stop beating ............ ///////////

Sorry .. Nothing like that actually happened.

As soon as I rolled over a little, I fell on the hard floor. If this wrath fell on me, it would be safe to say that I would have been torn in two. I got out from behind the chest. Khaled also threw photos from the ground towards me. As soon as I lowered my head, I went to the cupboard and played at home. They shouted from inside.

- Are you all right ?? Come out quickly. Mama is unarmed now. Now is the time to do something. I told Nisha to catch Mama. He is standing like Bob ...

I went and grabbed it. What am I saying, words do not reach the ears ?? At my words, he came and caught me. I told Jannat Apu

আছেThere is a chain behind the ark. - Bring it.

Mama is turning Nisha around like a cyclone. Still, I don't want to leave Nisha.

Jannat Apu is standing with a chain.

- Why are you standing, tie him up. Jannat Apu began to twist with the chain. At the end of the twist, I dragged the three of them and tied them to the cupboard.

- Listen, by no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Don't be afraid. Take care of your amulets. And if Khalid is released, you will go straight up the stairs. I will go and come.

Saying this, I started walking. Nisha pulled her hand from the pitch and said: - Where are you going to leave us ??

🚩Don't be afraid ,,, I'll just go and come.

I ran up the stairs. I crossed the palace and came to the car. I started searching inside the car for my uncle's fallen amulet. After searching for a long time, I found it. I ran again with the amulet.

When I came to the cell, I saw that Mama had been freed from the shackles. Nisha and Jannat held Apu against the wall. Both of them just kicked. But both of them were defeated by Kashem's supernatural power. I tied the amulet to Mama's hand from the pitcher. Mama got up with a shout. A lump of meat tore her body and fell on the floor. Mama lost consciousness there.

Slowly, the head and hands started coming out of that flesh.

াইEveryone, be careful. Kashem may have got his body back. If he gets his whole body back then we have nothing more to do. Anyway, we have to find the sword. Before that, Mama had to wake up. After three people shouted, Mama got up

He got up and said: - What happened to me? 🥴🥴

Kashem's soul rests on you. Look, he is getting his own body back. Before that we have to find the sword.

I found every corner together. But I didn't get anywhere.

I said since there is nowhere, we can find the box. Maybe it can be there.

On the other hand, Kashem's legs started to grow. He was coming towards us with a crawl Gadagada came to say

- What were you thinking? I will not get my body, now you will die. Everyone will die

I said to everyone: - Don't listen to him. Focus on work.

The four of us lifted the lid of the chest. At once the whole house was filled with light. A flash of light seemed to come out of the chest. In the intensity of the light, Kashem's body leaned against the wall. At least the line of light matched Tukuo. Seen there. A sharp, sharp sword. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Leaning a little, I picked up the sword from the chest and started walking towards Kashem.

Kashem crouched down in fear and said: -

Abhishek leave. I will not do you any harm. I will go to another world.

I did not listen to Kashem's words and cut my body in half in one fell swoop. Kashem turned to ashes with a shout. The ashes floated in the air and disappeared somewhere.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I left the sword in its previous place and left the room.

I came and stood outside the palace. In the midst of so much hardship and victory, everyone has a smile on their face. Looking at someone's body is not going to recognize anyone. My shirt is soaked in blood. But no one had any idea about his own body.

I noticed Mama.

: - Yes! My biggest regret is about your car.

As if the word did not touch him, he said: - Tell me first what happened to me

6: - It can not be said standing here. Let’s just say walk.

From today onwards, the gates of the palace will not be closed or opened.

At the last watch of the night, four tired bodies are moving towards their destination. I told my uncle everything as I was leaving.

I and Nisha are walking side by side. He is looking at me from time to time. I am also looking at him sideways. I noticed he was trying to grab my hand. I also gave forward. The two are walking together holding hands. Jannat Apu and Mama did not notice it.

I stood up and looked at Nisha.

I am leaving tomorrow.

He tightened his eyes and pulled my ear and said: - That ... where will you leave me ?? Hmmm ...

🙆🏻‍♂: - Ugh .... Nisha ,,, I was in pain ...! //

👸🏻: - Laguk pain. Then tell me will you take me ??

: - Okay, I'll take it ..

He grabbed me. I grabbed him too. Then Mama got up from the pit with a cough. We left the two of them.

Mama said: - Ah, what a romantic scene ৷ !!

Everyone laughed together at his words ,,,, - finished

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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