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4 months ago

«“ Everyone was shocked by my words.

Mama: Do you know where the sword is ?! //

🙆🏻; - Yes, I know there is this sword somewhere in that secret cell.

Nisha: How can you be so sure? !!

Look, Nisha, I read the last article. Remember ?? "So I'm at the sword ..." Now that he was sitting in the secret cell writing, it might have been like that; - So I put the sword here or in this cell.

Mama: What do you want to say? I understand. But I can't say for sure. We have to go to the palace to find out where the sword is. If your words are true then we will get the sword. And Kashem someone can finish.

Jannat Apu said, Khaled is right. And for that we have to go to that palace tomorrow.

I said the words of Jannat Apur. No, I won't go tomorrow.

Nisha got up in shock and asked: - Don't you mean tomorrow?

If we don't get that sword by tomorrow, we won't be able to kill Kashem. Don't you want us to find the sword ?!

Yes i want And for that I will go tomorrow or now.

Mama seems to be angry with my words. Do you have a problem with your head? Do you know what time it is now ?!

My head is right. Because I've been there twice before. Now if I go again, people might think I'm crazy. And maybe he can drive us away. Besides, what will happen if I don't get the sword tomorrow ?? And if I don't get it today, I can think of something else tomorrow. In this way, the soul of Kashmir will become twice as strong tomorrow. And if we get the sword today and he comes in front of us, we can finish him. Moreover, Maliha will also help us.

I stopped saying the words one after the other.

There is no word in anyone's mouth. The room is completely quiet.

If none of you agree to go, I will go alone. I'm not going. With that I started walking towards the door.

Mama called from Pichon and said: You are not alone, we are with you. You go and stand outside, I'll see if my mother is sleeping ??

The three of us have been waiting for a long time for Mama outside. But there is no search for Mama. I have started to feel annoyed. The sudden arrival of Mama

Jannat: Why is it so late ??

Mama said holding one by one in everyone's hands. My mother used to bring these but I didn't read them. It is too late to find it. It can be useful in case of danger.

Nisha said tying the amulet around her neck but what are we going to do ??

Mama scratched her head and said that the four of them can't ride bikes anymore. Wait, I'll get the car out of the garage.

🙆🏻; - Don't spend an hour looking for a car like an amulet again.

After a while Mama appeared with the car.

I sat next to Mama. Nisha and Jannat Apu sat on the bench.

The car is running on the paved road. There is an unknown fear in everyone's chest. Everyone is overwhelmed by fear. But no one will publish anymore. Everyone is sitting quietly.

I know how it started to feel hot inside the car. So I put down the glass. Cold air started to enter my eyes.

There is no car on Rajbari Road even if there is a traffic jam on this side of the road. I know how everything is silent. Tomorrow is full moon but tonight is no less than full moon. The moon is shining brightly all around. It is clear all around. In the moonlight I noticed a man in white clothes standing in front of our car. I came very close to see.

I told Mama what is it ??

Mama: I think there will be an old man.

I: - Then give the horn.

Mama is honking but not sounding. Then the old man came very close. I shouted, "Mama, take care."

Before Mama braked, the man was crushed under the car. There was a crackling sound of breaking bones. Then Mama took a break. Nisha and Dola Apu heard the sound of my screaming and said what happened ??

I got out of the car and said, "What are you doing, Mama?" My Pichu Pichu all came down. But after the name I could not see anything. I was surprised and said: - How can this be? Where did the man go? I heard the sound of his ear breaking his ear.

Nisha looked at us and said nothing was being pressed trying to stop us. Everyone go and sit in the car. Anyway, we have to reach the royal house.

Jannat Apu said yes. Now our footsteps are beginning to be in danger. Get in the car quickly.

Everyone got in the car and sat down. But I'm still standing. I don't know why, it looks like the man is somewhere around me. I began to question myself. Why am I standing here.

I feel like magic has been done to me. I can't move at all.

Mama came back and took me by force.

Sitting in the car, I feel light. Something happened to me there. Maya was cast on me.

Nisha shouted from the pitcher and said stop the car, please, Jannat Apur is vomiting.

But Mama did not stop the car.

Jannat apu said what are you doing Khalid? Stop the car.

Mama doesn't seem to be listening. Increased the speed of the car.

Mama says, Rani has been defeated. The brakes of the car are not working ..

To be continue .......

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Written by   70
4 months ago
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