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7 months ago

“Sitting and thinking about Nisha’s love. I am drowned in the world of love

I have lost my mind to an unknown address. Jannat apu put her hand on her shoulder and said what do you think?

🙆🏻; - Not so much

Nisha looks quite serious. Sitting quietly. Mama said

🤴🏻; - Listen everyone. According to Maliha, tomorrow is the night of the full moon. And Kashem's soul will become twice as strong tomorrow. And we have to do something before he starts his game.

Nisha said in uncle's words. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Is there anything written in the book about that ?? //

I opened the book and said, Kejani! Didn't see. Wait, let's see. Hey yes! On the last page is written the way to end Kashem Atya; -

I have heard from a saint that Kashem, Maliha, Abhishek and Kamini have been killed with the sword. Kashem's soul can be killed with that sword. That's why I took the sword ..

Suddenly the book caught fire. We moved away from the book. Dhapas opened the window. Random wind started coming from all around. All the things in the room seemed to be landed in the air. And in that wind you can hear the hoarse voice of a man.

👿; - Way to kill me, no ??! I will never get Abhishek, I will never get it. You have no idea about my power. I will finish all of you. Ha ha ha ha

The voice seemed to stop slowly. The room seemed to be as normal as before. We all understood that it was Kashem's soul And the book is ashes in front of the eyes.

Apu Jannat said in a despairing voice, the last material was reduced to ashes

Nisha said that the weapon to kill him was that sword but the book was burnt before he could read where the sword was.

I stopped Nisha and said. I know where the sword is.

Sorry for the inconvenience

To be continue ....

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such a great history dear brother keep it up

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7 months ago