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4 months ago

«“ I ate a glass of water from the table. The throat is completely dry.

The call of Maghrib is floating in the ears. It is evening. I stood up.

I told Jannat Apu you will not go home ?? Nisha has to go or her uncle will scold her.

Nisha muttered, "Can't I have Jannat Apu today?" That's how we have to finish reading the book today. And my uncle will not let me come like this every day.

In keeping with Nisha's words, Jannat Apu said: - I think Nisha is right. I will either manage my aunt. But what will happen to our home ?! //

Mama said I will see the other side, don't worry. All is well but there is no end to my worries.

Everyone is eating while sitting in the dining room. I am rubbing with my fingers in the rice, I don't know why he doesn't want to eat. I washed my hands and went upstairs.

As soon as I came in the room, I felt the existence of a second person. The room is very cold. Looking at the window, it seems that something is going out by moving the screen. I didn't bother with that anymore. I saw a piece of paper lying on the bed. I started reading: - «“ Abhishek forgive me. I didn't want to kill you in your dreams. But tell me what to do? You don't like me to love Kamini. So I was very jealous. But it is also true that I have helped you a few times. I thought you would not be mine. I am by your side. But Kashem will never leave you. He will do the same for those who help you. The two who are helping you are in dire straits. I can't stop him either. Kashem is stronger than me. Tomorrow the full moon will double his strength. I will save you even if you sacrifice your life like in the previous birth. There is power in you too, use that power wisely.

---- Iti Maliha ...

I sat down with the letter in my hand. Am I really reborn ?! // Mama and Jannat Apur will be in danger for me ?? !! // Nah, I won't let that happen at all. I will not let anything happen to those who are helping me by risking their lives.

I will leave this house today.

I shuffled the clothes from the cupboard. The three of them entered the room.

Mama was surprised and asked: + What are you doing? !! //

I quickly pulled the chain of the bag and replied. I will leave this house.

My words seemed to break the sky in everyone's head. Apu Jannat said, what is the noise, tell us who is open! //

I handed the letter to them and said: - It has signaled some intangible. Don't leave those who help me, and I don't want you to be in danger for me. I'm leaving here.

Everyone stopped after reading the letter.

Mama: I want to help you knowingly. Go to paradise, go to your room.

Jannat: What !! How do you think I will leave you alone and move away like a selfish person. I will stay with you.

But ,,, ... I was going to say something when Nisha stopped me and said no

No, now you start reading the book again ......

The book was on trial .. Everyone sat around me like before. I started reading after that: -

শ Abhishek is in agony due to Kashem's sword. At one point his eyes realized. The bloody body is lying face down on the chest of rough soil. Abhishek's painful breath moved some sand from the ground. The earthen chest is turning red with his blood. It is as if the Ganges is flowing with blood on the lifeless soil. Seeing Abhishek's death in front of her eyes, Kamini could not bear it. She started screaming and sat next to Abhishek's body.

But in a moment that scream also stopped forever. Kamini's head was severed from her body by Kashem's sword. Kamini's frozen body is lying next to Abhishek's body .... Maliha has been watching all this for a long time. Abhishek and Kamini are staring at the frozen body. But Malihar is also unconscious. Kashem is coming towards him with his invisible sword. Maliha has returned to reality with a sharp pain in her abdomen. But by then Budd was too late. Half of Kashem's sword broke through his stomach and came out with a pit. Maliha asked in a moaning voice: - I have come to help you ... then why do we have the same situation ???

Kashem said with a demonic smile: - I do not like to keep my path cut. Saying this, he twisted the sword more in Maliha's stomach. This time it will be my turn to become king only if King Rudra's turn kills him.

Kashem left the three and started walking towards the horse. Maliha screamed at the pitch. The sword came out of his stomach. But Kashem did not look back at the pitch. It was probably beyond his imagination that Maliha would come from his pitcher and hit him. But that is what happened. Kashem felt his own sharp sword come out through his stomach. He realized that Maliha had pierced his back.

Kashem knelt down.

Maliha smiled happily and said one way, the result can not be separated. Let's go to Paropar together.

After a while, the whole ground became silent.

Four frozen lifeless bodies lay under an open sky in an open field.

Everything could have ended here. But no, since Kashem could not fulfill his desire to be king, his soul returned to this world without going to the other side. Comes back as an unsatisfied soul.

Maliha also came back without getting love like Kashem.

Abhishek's last message before his death was that I must meet Kamini.

According to him, Abhishek and Kamini will be reborn. Kashem's soul came back and destroyed the whole Kashempur. The whole palace became a place of death. Maliha could not stop Kashem.

I am Raja Rudra. I wrote all these messages in a secret cell. So that when my Abhishek is reborn, I get some idea about Kashem's soul. Maliha's soul told me everything. As he said, I put the picture of Abhishek and Kamini in this secret cell. So that after rebirth my son would understand that he was in Rajpu. I don't know how long I will escape. But Kashem's soul will roam in this whole palace. Maliha will be with him. Maliha will help you.

Iti ...... Raja Rudra

করে I closed the book. Unknowingly, water started falling with his eyes. But in a moment the fist came off.

I was born full, not to be broken. To get my love back, and to end Kashem's soul.

But will Nishaki love me? What should I ask him? If not, I will settle everything before .....

To be continue .....

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Written by   70
4 months ago
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really awesome story , keep it up and good morning brother, deko amar ta

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4 months ago