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8 months ago

"Someone grabbed my hand from behind. I look back and see Mama. I was even more shocked.

Mama: - Where are you going alone, I came upstairs without finding you in bed.

I: - What are you saying these? 🤔

You took my hand and led me this way. You were in front of me, how behind you ?? 👽

Mama: Are you crazy ??

What a surprise! Then I walked holding someone's hand for so long. And why did Nupur's voice come?

Many questions are revolving inside the brain.

I realized it was warm enough by holding Mama's hand. But I have been with a soul for so long? I was startled.

Holding Mama's hand, the sound of the anklet came back to a few rooms. This time it seems that the voice is coming from both sides. . This time Mama also heard that voice so Anu looked at me with an initial look because earlier I had told Mama that Mama did not believe Nupur's voice then. Now you may be surprised to hear in your own ears.

The sound seems to be coming from both sides. Coming from Chad and from the garden. So I told Mama, let's find out the secret of the voice today. You go to Chad, and I go to the garden.

Mama gave a stern reply, "Not at all. Of course it will be an unnatural act." And he wants to separate us. And he took my form and wanted to take you somewhere alone. When people are alone, the power of the soul is doubled. And when there are two or three people, their strength becomes a little weaker.

There is no way we can be divided. Mama stopped saying the words continuously. I also understood the importance of his words. My throat hurt a little, as soon as I told Mama, Mama tossed and said, “Eki ?! Signs of a nail injury to your neck. Mama said hurry to the room. Tonight is the only way to spend. ঐ The soul is much more terrible.

As soon as he entered the room, his feet fell off and Mama pulled him up again. I screamed. Because what used to be our bedroom has now turned into a terrible well. What a horrible situation, what a strange shoot. My soul is throbbing with fear. I would fall into the well for Iktu. Mama brought a little away and asked are you all right ???

I said, I wouldn't be fine without you. Mama laughed and said, "We have to be more careful." I shook my head with my hand on my chest, fearing I would have to hold my chest.

I saw the time on my mobile at half past one. I told my uncle what should we do now ??

Mama: There is a danger behind the room. Let's go to the garden from him. Let's see if I can spend the night at the playground.

I crossed many rooms and came to the garden. As soon as I came to the garden, I saw a swing. Mama and I were tired and the two of us we....... coming soon...

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Written by   70
8 months ago
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