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4 months ago

Today is my wedding, I am sitting in the wedding hall as a groom, the equivalent of many people, many have come from far and wide, those who have relatives of the bride.

Everyone is coming to see the groom, it means everyone is coming to see me, everyone is leaving to see me.

One of the few girls seemed to be a very smart type of fickle type ,,, was seen in the identity ,, the younger sister of the bride ,, I mean my future sister-in-law ,,, sister ,,,,

I think in my mind MashaAllah, Shelika is better than his wife, she is upset ,,,, anyway, I didn't get the scope to say anything in the wedding PD of the groom.

Well, it will be seen later ,,, future sister-in-law means half ,, wife ,,,,,.

What are they all thinking Dulabhai ,,,?

I'm not saying anything, I told Shelika where I saw you. ""

Shelika) Her name is Ira ,,,,, Jahangirnagar University Honors 3rd year this time ,,,

Ira -); I don't think I've ever seen you ,,,,,,

Era has been feeling restless ever since Ira left ,,,,,

And it feels like a pain in the head, a whole different kind of pain, maybe before


It seems that the neuron cell Lara gave is an old memory that came to mind after seeing Iraq.

Today I got married but since I visited Iraq, all the thoughts of marriage have disappeared.

I went after an unknown thought, it seems that there is a relationship with Ira, once or somewhere I met Ira, I started thinking, just because of this, everyone is looking at my other mind ,,,

I told the son-in-law of Bara Bon to finish the marriage soon. I feel bad.

Thinking about it, I remembered that the girl who had saved my life four years ago was Ira.

About four years ago, I took a new job in Dhaka. I came home from Dhaka. After staying on vacation for a few days, I went to Dhaka again. On a night train, I thought train travel was very safe, so I used to travel by train. .

There was a girl sitting in the seat next to me, I was surprised to see her face. I didn't know that people can be so beautiful, maybe I would never have understood if I hadn't seen the girl, there are so many beautiful girls in the world.

At first slowly then the train continues to move loudly, I am looking at her soul with unblinking eyes, I am copying her beauty in my heart ,,,,.

He moved his voice a little and said, "What are you looking at?"

Oh my God, what a beautiful sweet voice Mairi,

No words are coming out of my mouth, I am swallowing the words of her sweet voice, and I am cooling my pile (heart).

I'm so fed up with seeing such a beautiful girl, I'm eating crush ,,, you, I don't mean you are very beautiful ,,,

The girl giggled at me and got up with a huge long laugh.

What a beautiful enchanted face, filled with her smiling smile.

Like the sound of a fountain calling from afar.

The girl) - You said I will be much farther than you.

I hmm well what is your name?

The girl) Yes Ira is yours ,,,?

My name is Simon.

Ira) Oh I study in this college to cover ,,, you work and went home for a few days off and coming back at the end of the holiday ,, Wright ,,, said and laughed again ,,,,

This time I was not fascinated by his smile and got scared a lot, this time it was getting colder and not colder.

I wonder why a beautiful girl like me is talking to an unsmart boy like me, how the poison looks different ,,,,.

Then Ira) what happened, what are you thinking, he started laughing again ,,,

I saw a terrible impression on him.

Ira) Are you scared to see me or not ,,,,,.

He smiled again.

I'm not saying much out of fear and I'm just gesturing with my head to keep up with it,

He is telling me that there is nothing to be afraid of, if you want you can make love, I am single ,,,, and what is the harm if you make love with such a beautiful girl, Ira started pressing towards me.

At one point he came over me and gently kissed my lips with the sweet touch of her lips ,,, instantly my whole body became shivering ,, I became very fascinated with her.

I became intoxicated with the intoxication of her love all over my eyes and face.

I'm begging him to touch me again and again, I want to go to him, he's not catching me at all, he's just moving away from me, he's making me addicted to his magic, it's about two o'clock at night,

Ira got off the train and raised her arms and called me to her. The train stopped. I got off the train at Ira's chest. The train started moving again.

Holding it so tightly in the middle of his chest,

I can't get out of my body with all my strength. The train has gone too far. I look around and see that there is no one. Ira has left me.

In the morning I heard that the train collided with another train and fell into the river and lost their lives.

I realized that life was saved for that girl ,,,, after four years, today when I saw my future sister-in-law, I remembered that she saved my life ,,,

But it was a petni,

So, is my sister-in-law my sister-in-law ......... ??

Will continue ,,,,,

I will definitely give the mountain part if everyone likes it.

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Written by   70
4 months ago
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