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Nila is back_part-01

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7 months ago

Neela has not had any contact with Abir for some time now .... Neela and Abir are studying in the same medical college ... but no trace of Neela has been found for some time now. Abir went to Neela's flat a few times but it was locked ... suddenly Neela got lost in words which is unknown to Abir ... I call Abir Neela's number a hundred times every day but like every time I get switched off ....

Abir and Neela have been studying in the same medical school for 4 years and have known each other very well and know that they are very good friends of each other .... Hey there is one of them Robin who is Neela and Abir's best friend ... Robin is his best and closest friend with whom Abir shares everything .... but one thing Abir notices is that since Sapphire went missing, Robin doesn't seem to have much contact with Abir ... Sapphire is missing for about 16 days today but Sometimes Robin has not met Abir for a while .... Abir called his number for a few days but Robin seems to be avoiding Abir by showing a busy schedule, it is still unknown to Abir ...?

When Abir's condition gets worse day by day, he stays alone in the room in the dark all day thinking of Neela.

And why don't you think about Neela ... Abir loves Neela very much but what has never been revealed to Neela .... Abir has to take care of Neela, study his medical notes and eat everything Abir has to take care of himself ... but He never revealed to Neela that he loves Neela very much ....

One evening Abir was sitting on the edge of the roof thinking about Neela .... thinking that only Robin knows that Abir loves Neela but

Abir had so much faith in Robin that he had to share everything ...!

Abir clearly remembers that four days before Neela went missing, Abir revealed his thoughts to Robin .... Robin said what did you tell Neela but your thoughts "" Abir doesn't say anything yet but it's time I will tell everything to Neela myself Before that you will not say anything to Sapphire .....?

Robin doesn't agree with Abir .... The day before Neela went missing, Abir was talking to Neela and Robin was sitting in a coffee bar. Abir had thousands of thoughts in his head about Neela. Just then Abir received a call from the police station on his mobile phone.

Abir hurries to the police station ... The OC of the police station says you are Abir "Yes" .... You have to go deer with us "" Abir is a little scared then he goes there with them ....?

After Abir went there with them, a deer man opened the coffin and brought the dead body in front of them ... As soon as Abir saw the corpse, Abir could not fix himself anymore, it was Abir's love Sapphire ... Abir was taken away by the police super ... then Abir wanted to know how Neela died and who did this to Neela.

It is not yet known if the police super but the killer of Neela will be found very soon?

That night Abir came to bury Sapphire with his own hands .... Abir came to bury the Sapphire he had dreamed about today with his own hands today .... Abir goes to sleep and sees her sleepy eyes .... Sapphire comes in front of Abir in a very beautiful dress but Sapphire is crying Abir started to say what happened why are you crying .... I love you so much Sapphire ..... Sapphire stopped crying for a while and started laughing and Abir started to say that I can't hear the words for a while to live, I heard it after death today ....?

Abir was surprised to hear Neela's words. For a while, Neela said that I will punish all those who have tortured me and I will come back to you again .... Abir, after hearing these words, did Neela disappear into the air?

Suddenly Abir's eyes met ... he finds nothing but a few tears and a few drops of water

Didn't get it .... Abir understands that Sapphire will come back again .... Will it continue?

👉 To be Continue part: 02

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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