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There has already been a lot of controversy over the Louvre Museum in Paris. Because the famous picture "Mona Lisa" was found in the Louvre Museum But surprisingly, the museum authorities do not know where this picture came from!

Lovers authorities preserve Mona Lisa's picture Everyone flocked to the museum to see the picture Everyone rushes to know the secret of the picture rather than the beauty of the picture. Research on the Mona Lisa has been going on for over five hundred years and after getting the picture, more research was done on the picture.

Many say Mona Lisa is a picture of Leonardo's friend's wife. Pneke said Leonardo portrayed himself as a woman. But no one can say which one is right. Mona Lisa gradually became famous for her mysterious smile. Everyone was running for Mona Lisa's smile.

Seeing Mona Lisa's smile from such a distance, it seems that the woman is smiling and looking at it from a distance, it seems that she is very indifferent. Research has shown that the image of the Mona Lisa was not painted on a piece of wood, but on a piece of wood. Which we use for drawing sketch boards. Everyone was very surprised to get this information But much more surprising information was waiting for everyone.

August 21, 1911

Someone stole a picture of Mona Lisa from a museum Surprisingly, the morning after the theft, the staff in charge of the museum's Mona Lisa photo quit their jobs. As a result, the suspicion of stealing the picture falls on him After a lot of questioning, he said that he did not steal the picture The picture was not even found in his house.

When asked why he quit his job? What he said in reply was unbelievable. He said that Leonardo himself came that night to steal the picture and the worker quit his job after seeing it. How could a painter five hundred years ago steal a picture? So did anyone come here in his disguise? How the Mona Lisa picture came to the Lovers Museum is still a mystery, and now who stole it remains a mystery.

Ten years after the theft of the picture, the Mona Lisa picture is again found in the museum No one knows who is responsible The doormen did not see anyone entering the museum. So who went with the picture? Today, everyone knows anew that if someone steals something, he can return it. But why would anyone steal such a valuable picture and return it where everyone could not find it even after searching for it? Anyway, the fact that the picture of Mona Lisa has been found again is a lot for everyone.

In 1951, one of the thousands of people who came to see the Mona Lisa at the museum threw a stone at the picture. But no one can say why After the incident, the museum authorities placed the Mona Lisa picture inside a bullet proof glass so that no one could destroy the picture. The picture is so valuable that a room was built at a cost of Rs 50 crore from the museum to preserve the picture. Where the image will be completely protected.

New research was started on the film. And as a result, researchers are able to find many more new information The Mona Lisa is said to have been painted by Leonardo from 1503 to 1509, a total of seven years. But he died before this picture was completely finished. Is there anything left that he could not finish? It is also known that it was one of Leonardo's favorite works of art, so he took the picture anywhere. That mysterious smile of Mona Lisa still makes people think

At present, after researching the Mona Lisa, a lot more information comes to the fore. Everyone had doubts about whether Mona Lisa had eyebrows or not. But now with the help of high-tech laser beams, researchers are able to make two decisions Unfortunately, Mona Lisa has eyebrows. But the eyebrows are very thin. It is believed that five hundred years ago women fashioned themselves by cutting their eyebrows, according to which Leonardo painted the picture. And the eyebrows have been removed due to the old hoopa in the picture The second decision was that an employee at the museum removed the eyebrows from the picture to make it more refined. But no one really knows

In 2005, Pascal Cottell, a scientist, took pictures of the Mona Lisa with high-intensity lights and multi-lenses from Ispatra Technology. As a result, the information that comes up in front of everyone is like making everyone's head spin He said the color Leonardo used in the film was 40 micrometers. That is, thinner than a hair. He added that there are three hidden pictures in this picture One of them is similar to the face of Lisa Zia Kond

Lisa Zia Condo was Leonardo's friend's wife In 2005, a letter from Leonardo's friend Zia Condo was found According to that letter, the letter was written in October 1503. From there, researchers speculate that Lisa Zia Konder asked Leonardo to paint a picture of her friend's new home and happy son. But Leonardo didn't like Lisa's face, so he drew a picture of Mona Lisa But it cannot be asserted that this information is completely true

There is no end to people's mysteries about the Mona Lisa. No one has ever used the method Leonardo painted so subtly. Leonardo did not use any outline in the Mona Lisa film. Researchers found some secret letters near the right hand of the Mona Lisa. The characters came to the attention of researchers when the image of the Mona Lisa was viewed in different ways in the ultra-light system. Arranging the letters one after the other creates a line that reads in Italian, "What is La Risposta c Trova?" That means the answer is here But no one could find out the answer Most people call the picture the Mona Lisa. But her real name is Mona Lisa which is an Italian word Mona Lisa means "My Lady" in Italian. It is also thought that Leonardo drew the man of his dreams.

What does Leonardo want to convey through this photo? What other answer did you say? He could not finish such work? Whom did he paint in the Mona Lisa? Own or Lisa Zia Condor? Or someone she loves? Who knew there were so many secrets hidden in that film five hundred years ago? And did Leonardo know this picture of him would be world famous? No one has yet been able to unravel the real mystery of this film.

Will it continue .................?

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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