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8 months ago

"The girl is shouting very loudly, sir. If she stays like this for a long time, there is a possibility that she will be caught. Decide quickly, what shall I do !?"

Papun Chowdhury saw the watch on the other side of the mobile phone when he heard the words of the hired killer Abir. Time is eleven o'clock at night, yes this is the best time. Then he shook his head a little and said,

- Okay, kill Har!

- Sir, what shall I do with the corpse? Missing or something else?

- [3 seconds of silence] Throw on the road and crush the car in such a way that there is no way to understand how he died! And of course the ID proof will leave everything with him so that the police can easily identify him.

- Okay sir!

Then Mr. Chowdhury lit a cigarette and extended his happiness. At the same time a smile of peace and receipt appeared on his face. Happily, he let out a puff of cigarette smoke and pulled out the second table.

"The death of an only daughter is better than the death of a mother in mourning, or this thorn must be removed in the same way!"



Papun Chowdhury has contacted the hired killer Abir to kill his only daughter Abanti. Of course, a large amount of money is going for this, but Chowdhury's happy mood! Even the next target is his wife! But what is hidden behind this horrible murder mystery !?

Mr. Chowdhury is eagerly awaiting the next good news. Finishing one cigarette after another and confining himself to different thoughts. Even in the blink of an eye, it is understood that one should not be made today!



At 12.20 pm, Chowdhury's mobile rang. He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he was startled by the sound. However, seeing the unknown number on the mobile screen, I was a little surprised to receive it, it came from the other side:

- Mr. Chowdhury said?

- Yes speaking.

- I'm talking about Inspector Mehrab, Highway Police.

Upon hearing this, Mr. Chowdhury thought, "Maybe Avi has been caught, or not to call the police so soon!" That's why the inspector panicked and asked quickly

- Do you suspect me of anything?

- [Politely] Sorry sir, nothing like that. Our Highway Patrol Police, Ekchuali, have recovered a crushed body on Dhaka-Chittagong Road. With your daughter's ID card, bank card .....

The inspector continues to say but nothing is getting into Mr. Chowdhury's ears! She wants to dance happily now, one step closer to fulfilling her dream. For such a beautiful performance, Avir said to himself- "Well done Avi, good job!"

However, in the next words of the inspector, Mr. Chowdhury's thoughts were interrupted.

- Hello sir, are you ok?

Mr. Chowdhury realized that the inspector must have thought that "the father is fit to mourn the death of his daughter!" Thinking about that, Mr. Chowdhury burst into tears and said:

- No, Inspector, I don't believe it. My daughter like this .....

Mr. Chowdhury broke down in tears without finishing his speech. লেওEven though crying outside, the mind is saying from the inside- "You're a great actor Chowdhury, you should be given at least one Oscar!"

Meanwhile, Inspector Mehrab did not know this anymore. That is why he consoled Chowdhury in different ways and said at the end:

"Come to the police station to identify and understand the body!"

Then Mr. Chowdhury left the study room without delay and entered the bedroom. His wife Arnika Chowdhury is sleeping in Bivore. He wanted to do so, but now he refrained from doing so because of the series of murders by strangulation, but he could cause suspicion in the eyes of the police. Then he informed his wife of his daughter's death with grief in his heart. When he woke up, he fainted at the news, and Mr. Chowdhury breathed a sigh of relief. He then called the maid to sit as a witness and called the doctor. A few more minutes passed but Arnika Chowdhury did not regain consciousness.

Then Mr. Chowdhury and the maid hugged each other at the sound of the calling bell. At last the maid said,

- Khalujan, do you think Dr. Saab is coming?

- Yes, you are right. Well you sit next to your madam, I see.

- Yes.

Then Mr. Chowdhury opened the door and went away. He couldn't believe his eyes, so he rubbed his eyes and looked again but the result was the same as before. Seeing Chowdhury's condition, the man standing next to the door said with a smile:

- I'm not a ghost!

- A a a a .....

- Avanti!

- Yes, you ...

- Yes, I and Divya are in Tabiyat! Although you didn't expect it ....

The doctor left before Abanti could say anything more. After checking, he said, there is no big problem, he has done normal stock. The doctor said goodbye with medicine and some advice.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chowdhury is not able to reconcile the accounts in any way. How is this possible? Meanwhile, Avi can't be found even after calling repeatedly, every time the phone seems to be switched off. He tried to tear his hair in anger and grief.

On the other hand, when Abanti was questioned from the police station, he said, "He ran with the snatcher in his hand bag, he doesn't know anything else!"

The police thought, "Maybe he ran away and fell under the car and was crushed to death. Besides, why should a millionaire's daughter be thrown under the wheels of a car and smashed to death? Not found. Dismissed as an accident and blind case! "




Two days after the incident, Avi was on a flight from Dhaka to Bangkok. The gate lock of the aircraft and the engine started. Just a few minutes left to take off. A smile appeared on Abir's dirty face. Chowdhury was overwhelmed by the fear until he got on the plane, but now everything has flown away like camphor. At this point he started talking to himself,

"Ovi, ​​you are lucky. The girl has turned the wheel of your fortune. Where there were five lakhs to kill her, there is only one crore to save her today.

Play the light whistle and kiss the diamond ring on your finger!

The speaker of the plane rumbled in a hurry. The co-pilot said, "The flight is delayed due to administrative problems. We are sincerely sorry for this temporary inconvenience. We will be floating in the white clouds in the blue sky shortly. Thank you."

Then a few minutes later the door of the plane opened again. A handsome boy six feet tall is coming from the other side. All eyes are now on the newcomer. But he came and stood beside Abir, turned to him and said with a sweet smile:

- Avi?

- Yes.

- Sorry sir, for disturbing you right now. But we have a special offer for you from Biman Airlines. You are being transferred to VIP class instead of normal class. Kindly you come with me and understand your respect.

At first Avi was frightened but was fascinated by the stranger's sweet use. Then he left the seat and started walking behind the stranger. As soon as he got off the plane, he closed the door of the plane at the signal of the stranger. Then the plane began to run on the runway to fly in the sky. In such a situation, the newcomer said in a cold but terrible voice:

- You have been arrested for embezzling crores of rupees.

- [Shocked] Aa aa you?

- I'm MH Nilay, "Special Agent of Counter Terrorism!"

- But VV ...?

Agent Nilay smiled coldly this time, but Abir's chest trembled

- Oh VIP class? That has been arranged inside the interrogation cell! And yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.





After the incident, Mr. Chowdhury is suffering from hesitation to face his daughter, so he is ashamed to go to the office or home. Most of the time spending time outdoors with old friends. But he is planning to send his mother and daughter away from the world together with a big bang. However, Avi was very worried after the arrest. Probably because there was no hard evidence against him, the water did not build up so far.

On the other hand, Arnika Chowdhury recovered but lost her speech. Even a few days later, he fell completely into bed. Aimen is almost paralyzed! That is why Abanti is not able to travel to the office regularly. Because her mother's physical condition is not improving much. But today, while sitting in that office, looking at the accounts of the past day, the mobile phone rang. Seeing the name on the screen, Abanti's eyes and face became bright. Before receiving the phone, he said with a crooked smile on his lips, "Thanks boss!"

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Written by   70
8 months ago
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