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Ghosts on Facebook_part-02

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7 months ago

ঐ Girl spit ঐ 3 days to block the ghost today, but these 3 days I missed him every night. At night, I only remembered his words.

So did I fall in love with that ghost?

No, it can't be হতে because if you go to him, he will kill me,

A few more days like this .........

But at night I miss chatting with the ghost, how much I talked to him.

7 days have passed like this but I can't forget him, the more I try to forget, the more I remember.

So tonight I blocked that id. Then at 12:10.

At the same time that id massage is real

Girl: Why are you blocking me for so long?

Me: Yes (I lied :)

Girl: You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Me: Why doesn't anyone meet anyone so late at night? That's why I didn't come

Girl: Why? What happened? You said you would come.

Me: Hmm I said but so late at night. So I did not come.

Girl: Is that something?

Me: Well, your father and mother do not say anything to you?

Girl: Silent ........

Me: Why don't you talk? And why do you just come online at night? What do you do all day

Girl: Silent ..........

After that there was no more talk for 7 days.

But today I feel a little lighter talking to him.

The next morning I woke up at Kadamtali where he told me to go at night.

I did not go and see anything so strange. But when he came and asked the people next to him, he also said everything like O. Divya. (That means everything is true).

So I left, I kept thinking what to do

Tonight at exactly 12 o'clock the magician Kajal gave a message from himself

Girl: How are you?

Me: Good u?

Girl: What?

Me: u I mean how are you?

Girl: She's fine too. So what do you do?

Me: I play Hadudu.

Girl: Where did you play Hadudu so late at night?

Me: That's it, why do you ask me to meet you so late at night?

Girl: Silent

Me: What happened ????

Girl: Silent

Me: Exclude ok

Girl: Hmm, did you eat at night?

Me: Hmm ate u?

Girl: No, I don't eat.

Me: Why? (I am saying in my mind how to eat what is available all day except human blood?) 6

Girl: So what do you play with?

Me: Chicken

Girl: And I like chicken very much

Me: So one day we will come to our house and eat.

Girl: No, it's okay.

In this way we continued to talk.

Gradually I realized that the ghost was weakening on me too. So I turned off the phone today and went to sleep to prove it.

I woke up very early today because I used to talk to that ghost for so many nights. So I woke up and turned on the phone. I was surprised because the magician Kajal gave me a lot of messages

What do you do

Why don't you come online?

What happened to you

Blah blah blah blah

I have nothing left to understand. That he fell in love with me.

But I think one thing is that if her boyfriend killed her for money, she will go and kill that boy. Why are you hitting other people like this?


(No one will see Mahi's name again.)

It will continue......

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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