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Fascinated by fairies_Part-1.

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7 months ago

Friend Rokon just hugs one by one, he either talks to the fairy, or exchanges love with the fairy ,,.

But, I can't believe what these things are saying to Simon anymore.

Well, Rokon agreed to talk to the fairy with you, prom trem or not, I understood everything, but if you can prove, then I will understand that you love the fairy ,,,,,.

Call the fairy and we want to see the fairy in front of us.

Rokon thought a lot, he couldn't explain anything to us, so he was forced to agree to meet us with the fairy.

We are scheduled to meet the fairy after midnight tonight. This fairy is not an ordinary female fairy. A fairy with wings, an impeccable magician, an impossibly beautiful fairy.

The love of this impossibly beautiful fairy with friend Rokon is love, love, love.

I'm Simon, and my two friends Edge, Morad, and Rokon.

We are sitting in our office with four guns together.

For the purpose of meeting the fairy, a little in front of the garden, the abode of our Guru parties, Madhumati floor, whose name is Polapine of the Guru party, there.

On that honeymoon floor, in a tree, the fairy will come at 1:30 pm ,,,,

Or he will come and sit with his legs dangling ,,, then we will go first and greet the fairy and talk to the fairy ,,,,.

But listen to these words, Pranta and Morad are trembling with fear, they are people of a little timid nature, I am scared when I hear about these ghostly fairies, even if it is during the day.

But tonight, against their will, only against my will, to meet the angel.

So they are there with me, for the purpose of seeing the fairy.

I heard a lot when I was little that fairies are so beautiful but I never got a chance to see them.

I have met many petnis in my life.

But I didn't meet the fairy, and since I got a chance to see her, what else can I do without such a chance?

I have to meet anyway ,,,,

I have heard that fairies do not want to talk to all people, but we are lucky to be our friend's lover.

After that I also heard that you have taken Rokon or the fairy's leg to meet the fairy with us. ,,, How hard you have to go to prove a good home to us.

I understood that whether it is a human or a fairy, all girls are like that.

If he gets a chance, he will grab the legs of the boys in time.

But ,,, no girl has the power till today ,,, she will catch my foot. The legs could not hold the hand and the distance.

Because I don't tremble in love ,,, I will be single ,, I don't want to hold anyone's foot ,,,,.


At 1.25 pm, four of my friends are sitting on the Madhumati floor waiting for the fairy ,,,,,

It was said earlier that everyone would arrive at the time of Parir's arrival

Keep your eyes closed ,,, because if you don't keep your eyes closed in the illusion of this form of the fairy ,,, you may lose the sight of the eyes or you may become unconscious at the sight of this form of the fairy.

That's exactly what happened, friend Pran, whether he is a little older than before, he is the best in Tarami. After doing more tarami, it stays in the morning ,,,,,, to spend the morning ,,, Nitai's fu is necessary ,,,,.

Today and in the same situation, when the fairy comes, her eyes are wide open, she will see how the fairy comes, she goes to see the fairy coming, she goes away in the morning with a shout at the sight of the fairy's face.

This time I greeted the fairy, I looked up and saw a girl sitting with her legs hanging on a tree branch, what an impossible look, her black hair, the smell of strawberries coming from her hair.

It is as if my eyes are going out of my control.

My mind seems to be busy in the middle of the fairy ,,,,,.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Fairy ,,, I Love You ,,,,

I just want to catch something more, but I still want the fairy.

Will continue ,,,,,,,

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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just amazing

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7 months ago