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Eat people

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7 months ago

In the morgue, Dom Harilal is stabbing a young girl in the stomach with a sharp knife. The girl committed suicide this morning by slitting her throat.

He has a lot of hatred on all these corpses ..... Bapu, why do you have to die? I will love you, give you a body, bring a baby in your stomach and put a rope around your neck after eating it ??

.... Dom Hari was talking in his mind and he was looking for something with his middle hand in his chest.

He pulled out a hatchka and brought out the girl's heart.

The body is kept on a table under a light in the whole room, the useful parts are left for the autopsy investigation. The rest of the bullets are being thrown at the girl. The seven dogs there are eating the flesh of dead people. Dogs have also been shot like monsters and are fierce.

Hari slowly finished his work and sat back in the chair. The heart of the girl placed on his plate in front. Hari again likes the heart of the girls very much. Because their hearts are full of Maya and betrayal. He cut a part of the girl's collarbone and started biting her face.

After eating the meat of the dogs, they came to the feet of the Lord and expressed their gratitude.

..... Hari was annoyed by the sound of the phone and opened his eyes and looked at the mobile. He looked at the plate again. His heart is still looking at him on the plate.

Received the phone in an annoyed voice and remained silent. After hearing some words, he just said "it will be done".

..... cut off the phone and put it in his pocket and started eating the rest of the raw liver.


A body was found in the forest on the side of the road. The body belonged to a man. He was killed in such a way that the appearance of the corpse was also ruined.

After examining the dead body, the detective officer said .... "It is not the work of any human being. It killed a ferocious animal and then ate the meat. The animal is very ferocious ..... Hand Globes said as he opened it.

...... Constable, make arrangements to send the body to the morgue. And see if you get any identification documents.

.... Seeing a wallet lying far away, the constable quickly took it in his hand and looked inside ..... Sir, there is money and an ATM card.

..... Mr. Asif quickly saw only the name with the card. There is no way to understand anything else. Mr. Asif sent the body to the morgue and went to the bank with the card to find out his identity. Mr. Asif went to the bank manager and showed the card and wanted to know the identity of the customer.

The manager took the card and saw Sumon khan and su3781 written on it. When he entered the code number in the computer, the automatic current went off. The generator is not running for unknown reasons.

..... The manager and Mr. Asif looked at each other's faces.

Suddenly the manager's phone rang and from the other end Loud Asif and the manager heard "Stop the mystery of Sumon's murder here. Whoever is involved with it will die. The rapist has been punished. My children have eaten him. This Sumon's money and My honor and soul have died to the power. The law is the slave of his hand but today he has become the object of worship of my children's stomach.

..... Manager, don't be afraid. Give me the number from incoming call. Asif said.

.... looking at the manager call list 008 is nothing more.

Mr. Asif. He took the mobile phone from the manager and looked at it ...... (continued)

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Written by   70
7 months ago
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