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6 months ago

The existence of vampires, wolves and humans was nothing but a myth to me, but a few months ago something happened in my life which made it no longer a myth to me but a reality like the light of day.

It was raining at that time. I was returning to my village. It was raining a lot at night so I took shelter in an old collapsed church and waited for it to stop.

I looked and saw a huge bat flying over the church. I don't usually see such a big bat, but I didn't think much of it. But suddenly my blood froze when I saw something.

When I saw two huge wolves going in the same direction, my feet got stuck in the ground, because I knew that wolves do not attack alone. The team stays so there are more wolves around.

I forgot to breathe in fear.

So instead of standing there, I quickly got wet and ran home.

As soon as I entered the house, my mother started talking, why did I come to this rain? Why didn't you tell me before, all this.

I also listened to the silent gossip and fell asleep. Wakes up around noon the next day because of sleeping a lot of nights,

I woke up and saw that my cousins ​​were all waiting for me.

I didn't remember the wolves I saw last night.

In the evening, when I, Robin, Taif and I came to the church again, I remember but I did not say anything. Suddenly my brother Robin started talking

(Robin) - Tanvir Do you know that this church has a history ??

(I) - Hmm, the British built the church. During the movement against them, some gentlemen entered the church. And the poor peasants were set on fire and their church was burnt down. It's been here ever since. I know all these histories.

(Robin) - Everyone knows these histories. I am talking about secret history.

(I) - What is the secret history again ??

(Taif) - There are children, there was some secret history written in a diary of Michael, the father of this church.

(I) - Wow wow did I hear such writing ?? And the way you are saying that it was written about a torture that no one knows ??

(Robin) - Oh no, the history of vampires and wolves was written in that diary.

I say with a loud laugh

(I) - I think brother wrote that he is a man of very old thoughts, but by saying that, standing in 2020, will you listen to the history of vampires and wolves ?? I also wrote a history of stories that I heard a lot.

(Taif) - Don't laugh. This is very serious. According to Father Michael, not only humans, but also vampires and wolves came to this church. These two nations were enemies of each other. And the main reason for their quarrel was "Devil's Dagger."

(I) - Hahaha devil's knife, Michael used to write these fairy tales very well.

(Robin) - I heard it before. It was called "Devil's Dagger". It is a very powerful knife

It is a magical knife, very powerful, if anyone gets this knife in his hand, he will be invincible. No one can kill him or his followers. Without that knife.

(I) - Oh, to get that knife, vampires and wolves became enemies of each other, didn't they ???

(Taif) - Hmm so.

(I) - Huh, I've heard a lot of these stories. There are a lot of pictures of these stories in Hollywood.

(Robin) - But I will not say.

(I) - Areh Nah Ball Ball is having fun I am getting a very exciting smell.

(Robin) - Hmm, but I won't give a damn about the story.

(I) - Well, I locked this face.

I put my finger in his mouth.

(Robin) - But the man who made this knife hides it when he sees ordinary people dying for it, and he also burns where there was a design where he hid it. But before it can be completely burned, the vampires find it and follow it to the village. The wolf human Rao comes here after them.

(I) - Then ??

(Taif) - Then no group can find. They came to Father Michael for help but he could not help. This is exactly what is written in the diary.

I laughed out loud this time. The story is about 70 years ago and you want to tell me, has there been a magic knife hidden here for 70 years and vampires and wolves are here looking for it ?? Seriously I have to believe this too ???

(Robin) - Belief-disbelief does not force one's own affairs. But yes it may or may not be.

(I) - In this age, even if you are sitting, you may be saying ??

(Taif) - Why not ??

(I) - Good, but maybe the giant bats and wolves I saw last night were also vampires and wolf humans.

I keep laughing out loud.

(Robin) - Did you see the wolf last night ??

(I) - And don't say I took shelter here at night, what can I say so much rain. Then I saw a bat fly and two wolves just behind it. As soon as I saw them, I went home soaking wet.

(Taif) - What are you talking about, this cannot happen.

(I) - What do you mean I did not make a mistake ??

(Taif) - Wondering if there are wolves in this country ?? If they are mountain animals from this country, then how will they come to this village ?? And I have been in this village for the last 22 years and I have never seen or heard a wolf.

The words really make me think.

Then when we came back home, only one thing was running through my head all the way. Did I really see anything wrong last night ??

I am sitting back in the room. I like open space so I kept a room on the roof for me. I was sitting there when it was raining heavily at 2 o'clock at night. So I looked out the window and wondered if it was real or just a fantasy.

Suddenly lightning flashed and in that light I could clearly see two wolves on a farm some distance from our house. I didn't quickly pick up my camera and tell myself I'll take a picture now so I can show Robin and Taif. That I didn’t see wrong. I actually saw the wolf.

I could not believe what I saw in front of my eyes when I zoomed the camera and set it in the night vision.

I could clearly see a huge bat fighting with two wolves and the bat picked up a wolf in the blink of an eye and threw it away. The picture I was going to take didn't come to mind.

As soon as he threw it, the bat started flying and I realized that one of its wings had been injured

While flying, the bat came in front of a distant forest and after that the bat could not fly. I could not find what to do. Just looking through the lens. Suddenly the bat takes the form of a girl. I have never seen such a beautiful girl before. He got up in the form of a girl and got lost in the forest.

I just saw the whole scene and I didn't even think about taking a picture. I just realize I’ve actually seen vampires. With a sigh I slipped inside and fainted.

I woke up the next morning to see ,,,,,,,,,

Will it continue ,,,,,,,,,?

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Written by   70
6 months ago
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nice story

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6 months ago