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Death Trap_ Part- 01

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4 months ago

The story is that in a city in Russia in late 1992, a Russian medical team searched for a place for them to be tested, where no one from outside would enter. They found a place like this, a very remote place in the heart of Russia. They were very happy with their exams and work. Besides, the place was suitable for them to travel. There were many hills next to it. One day, a boy was sitting outside after finishing his work at night. After some time, he saw the mountains. A group of strange people seem to be talking through the bottom .... They don't understand well from a distance what would happen if they looked like human beings .... Their appearance was very different .... As time went on, they all came together under a big hill, one day they were saying something and others were supporting the strange man .... On the other hand, the boy, not understanding their language, came out from behind the tree and started moving a little further. ...?

Suddenly the boy eats something with his feet and falls to the ground .... The sound of the boy falling falls on the ears of those people. They rush to the boy. Everyone walks around the boy and then takes the boy prisoner .... Judy they are human but like human They don't remember feeling love. They were like wild animals. The strangest thing is that they killed the boy and then brutally cut his hands and feet into pieces. When everyone started eating, an old man came there and lifted the boy's eyes and started chewing on his face. .They horrible male people threw the boy away and everyone started eating with joy. If a man from their planet says that their prey is here, surely everyone will take care and kill everyone one by one .....?

On the other hand, in the shadows of the medical camp, everyone is looking for Leon, Leon will be lost in words .... In the morning, everyone goes out in search of Leon, four of them are looking for Leon in groups .... One of them is divided into four groups. The three teams are searching around .... They searched for about three hours and found no trace of Leon. A brave boy from the medical camp named Marriad entered the forest very deep with three people to find Leon .... We've gone too deep. Now it would be better for us to return to the camp soon .... But Mariad doesn't agree. He won't return to the camp until he finds Leon. They were too tired to decide to rest under the shade of a tree. Let's rest or else we will find Leon again..6

Mariad and three others are resting under a tree and talking about Leon. Suddenly an arrow comes and goes through the throat of a boy next to Mariad ..... and at the same time strange people come running from around the forest. Mariad doesn't understand who they are. What would happen if they had a lot of big photos in their hands and their faces looked like human beings? Their ears and noses were so long that everyone came and turned around and shouted, "Meriad, hitting one of them to save yourself, and someone from the other side shot Mariad's leg." They captured Mariad and his three friends and took them to the mountain. A friend of Mariad's died in the middle of the road.

As soon as we enter the mountain, we see the meriad of strange people .... they may be very happy, they are meriad meriad and their two captives are tied to the tree .... and the one who died is left in the middle of a big curse with some strange people Mariad was frightened to see Sharil's flesh being cut into pieces ..... After a while all the strange people sat down together and started eating the meat .... Mariad loses consciousness

The two friends next to him started crying in fear

Mariad's friends don't understand what strange people are saying after eating

Mariad's friends shouted, "Let us go, release me, but what they did was really cruel ..."

One of them went to Mariad's friend and started chewing on his finger which was really horrible and cruel. Mariad's friend started shouting.

Mariad's friend screamed and fainted

On the other hand, strange people are overjoyed

Maybe they will not go back, I thought Mariad .......?

👉 To be continue part: 02

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Written by   70
4 months ago
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