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Captive fairy

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7 months ago

For the past few years Mimi has suddenly woken up at midnight. And as soon as she wakes up, Mimi thinks that someone is looking at her face, staring at her and blinking. But Mimi can't see anyone. Mimi feels the existence of an invisible person even if she can't see anyone, and also smells the sweet scent wafting from her body.

Every night such a strange thing happens, it has been happening with Mimi for several years. Mimi is no longer afraid of this strange event. Adapted himself. Although at first he was very scared. But how long will the fear! How can there be fear if one incident happens every day! Mimi and so it has been. Fear is gone. Then there is no problem! I fell asleep again every day with the comfort of thinking. He did the same today. He drank a glass of water and fell asleep.

This is how Mimi's day goes. Mimi, the eldest daughter of the parents. Three sisters Mimi. Mimi is the eldest. And his younger sister. Promi and Jannat. Paradise is the smallest of all. Both parents are primary school teachers.

Mimi is now an honors second year student. Botany

In the gaps between reading and writing, Mimi writes stories. His writing is limited to Facebook and diaries. However, he has a strong desire to get the book out. But due to the prohibition of parents, you have to write in your diary secretly and then post it on Facebook.

Even today, like every day, Mimi finishes her studies at 12 o'clock and sits on the PC to write stories. New stories have not been posted on his Facebook for several days. In that case, thinking that the reader will be reduced, sat down to write today.

He wrote his new story for hours on end. But I couldn't finish today. Maybe he could have finished it if he had written for more than an hour. But could not finish the pressure of sleep. How sleepy it is to write half a story. Unable to keep his eyes on anything, he decided not to write today. When you get up in the morning to pray, then you will finish writing the rest. Mimi fell asleep thinking this.


It was about three o'clock at night. Mimi woke up suddenly like every day. As soon as she woke up, Mimi saw a figure walking in her room. As soon as Mimi looked at him, the figure disappeared with an awkward smile.

Mimi got scared. He had never seen anything before. And so suddenly Mimi saw the appearance of something awkward, became numb with fear, and screamed.

Hearing Mimi's screams, she woke up, her parents. The two rushed to Mimi's room. But since the door of the room is locked from inside, the two cannot enter the room.

Mimi, Mimi called Mimi's father. And Mimi's mother said, to open the door.

Mimi regained her courage when she heard her parents calling. Leave the bed and come down to open the door. But then another disaster happened.

As soon as Mimi got out of bed, she saw the figure again. This time Mimi saw the figure leaning against the door and smiling.

Seeing the figure for the second time, Mimi was startled. What will he do now! How to open the door and let his parents in!

Whenever Mimi thinks about this, Mimi sees the figure leaving the door and coming towards her.

Mimi can't take these anymore. Unable to bear it, he screamed again, lost consciousness and fell to the floor.


Meanwhile, Mimi's parents are knocking on the door and calling Mimi from outside. But they don't get any response from Mimi from inside. Mimi's father decided to break down the door without getting a response.

The old wooden door shattered when the two of them pushed loudly with all their strength. As soon as the door was broken, the two quickly entered the room.

Dukei saw Mimi lying on the floor inside the room. The two ran towards Mimi.



Mimi regained consciousness at dawn. As soon as she regained consciousness, the sound of reciting the Qur'an in Kaur's sweet voice came to Mimi's ears. This voice is familiar to him, the melody is also memorized. There is a swing in the middle of this shura. He also has the urge to swing. This melody is floating from his room. Her grandmother Rokeya Begum is sitting on the floor of the room, reciting the Qur'an in this sweet voice. Both his parents are there. The two are sitting beside his head in a worried manner.

Two people deep in thought about something. Mimi understood by looking at his face. But why! Why are they afraid!

And why is Nanui sitting in my room reciting the Qur'an!

Nothing is going through Mimi's head. Couldn't understand anything. Because, he doesn't remember anything about last night's incident. Divya has forgotten everything. And so when he regained consciousness, he was surprised to see everyone in his room.

Then I looked at Mimi, Mimi's father Mr. Karim. He saw that Mimi had opened her eyes. The girl has regained consciousness.

As soon as he saw that his daughter had regained consciousness, a smile appeared on Mr. Karim's face. Called his wife,

-Look, Mimi's senses are back.

As soon as he regained consciousness, Mimi's mother and Nanu both looked at Mimi.

- What happened to you?

Why was unconscious?

নাক Nakire mother was very scared? Mimi's mother asked.

That means I lost consciousness! But why! And that's why everyone is in my room!

But why did I lose consciousness! Mimi started trying to remember.

Meanwhile, since everyone kept asking Mimi so many questions, Mr. Karim got angry. He said,

- What have you started? The girl would panic.

At that moment, Mimi said anxiously,

- I remember everything.

- What do you remember mom? Said Mr. Karim.


Mimi told all the events of last night one by one. Everyone was shocked to hear. And a few drops of sweat have accumulated on Mimi's grandmother's forehead.

- He's back! He's gone!

Who's back Nanu!

- Zvin. As soon as Rokeya Begum said the jinn, Mr. Karim stopped her mother-in-law.

- What are you saying mother! Is there a jinn ghost now? Just scaring the little girl.

Rokeya Begum realized after getting Karim's interference that she was telling Mimi not to tell this. Mimi's grandson didn't say anything else. He stopped talking and said,

- Don't sleep alone today. I will take him to sleep in the prime.



It took three nights. Promi now sleeps at night with Mimi. Nothing happened during these three nights. Seeing that there was no problem, Mimi breathed a sigh of relief. That means I'm having trouble sleeping alone! Dad never sleeps alone. Mimi said the words uneasily.

But another disaster that would happen that night, who knew!

On the dressing table of Mimi's room, sitting an unfamiliar handsome young man. Who doesn't recognize this young man? But the boy is handsome enough. The tall young man will be six feet short. Any girl will look at him. Want to get the young man. Mimi is no exception. He looked at the young man.

Suddenly the boy got down from the dressing table and started walking towards Mimi. And then a sweet scent wafted through Mimi's nose. The scent seemed familiar to Mimi, but she couldn't remember anything.

Meanwhile, the young man reached Mimi. As he approached, the young man began to move his lips towards Mimi's lips.

Although I think the young man should be stopped, Mimi is not stopping. Don't do anything else today!

Meanwhile, as the young man's lips moved towards Mimi, Mimi was breathing hard.


The young man brought his pair of lips to Mimi's lips and stopped. As soon as he saw the young man stopping, Mimi's chest throbbed. Then the young man said,

- Not right now.

I was watching your state of mind.

Listen Mimi, I'm here to tell you.

What do you mean!

- I can come if you have someone else with you.

I will come, I will keep coming, to see you. Even if there are hundreds of people by your side.

The young man burst out laughing. Laughing, he seemed to disappear. As soon as the young man disappeared, Mimi jumped up and sat on the bed. I sat down and took a deep breath.

That is why I have dreamed for so long! But how the dream is so real!




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Written by   70
7 months ago
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