How to remove monotony?

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2 years ago

To remove the monotony of continuous work or task, everybody wants to get pleasure and relaxation. The young and old people of Bangladesh also do some common leisure pursuits.

The young people of Bangladesh as well as I hear music as well as I hear music, watch television program during free time. Most of the young people pass their idle time thorough gossiping gathering here and there. Some people engage themselves in productive work during their leisure time.

Some may learn music, musical instruments, painting, computing, to lead their career forward. The old people of Bangladesh engage themselves in different things. Some involve themselves in fishing as an amateur, some look after their garden. In the morning we find many people walking on the street where many people are found old.

The Retired persons like to meet their friends and relatives sometimes. Religious activities done by the old are common. In this time, they usually don’t get so much time, to travel anywhere.

But the time has changed. Everything has changed in the passes of time. Now, the age for technology. Technology has made our life changeed. Now, most of the people is found using technological instruments. The Young generations in Bangladesh are also inclined to Mobile. Most of the time they peek to their mobile. And also, some are playing virtual game most of the time.

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