Justswap Token Airdrop ( till October 30)

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3 years ago

Assumption 1: It is my belief that everyone here knows a little or more about cryptocurrencies.

Assumption 2: It is my belief that an handful know about Bitcoin...

Assumption 3: It is my belief that some know about the 'hot cake defi' tokens...

Cryptocurrencies can be considered as potential blessings. You enjoy their benefits most when you buy at low value and then sell at higher values (x multiple $gain)…

Coins with more application to real life reign with cool hope!... I respect BCH; Eth is thriving well; I see a good future with Tron and I see JFT joining the 'Hot Cake Zone' soon. Where do you stand?

Those who know of UNISWAP but missed its Airdrop then may appreciate an opportunity as this {JUSTSWAP} coming up...

*You may thank me Later when it dropsπŸ™πŸ»*πŸ‘‡πŸ»

JustSwapAirdrop OR JFT


* Click the linkπŸ‘†πŸ»(open in normal phone browser)

* Put your tron address (either from tronwallet/trustwallet)

* Put the verification code you will see on the site.

October 30th is the distribution date.

For those who knows what uniswap did for people on Eth-based Defi, here is another opportunity*

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3 years ago