AIRDROP NodaWallet (only for early users): Get 100 NCN ~ $ 36 + $ 5 / ref

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AIRDROP NodaWallet (only for early users): Get 100 NCN ~ $ 36 + $ 5 / ref

NodaWallet is an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange and synchronization with decentralized exchanges which will be as convenient for any user as possible!

(Image Displayed - Registration 36$ + 2Ref 10$)

Noda Network is a decentralized protocol for automatic liquidity delivery!

This NodaWallet airdrop quest is suitable for both beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies, and bounty hunters - Easy enough.

Tasks to be done:

Step 1: register on the NodaWallet site (

If registering with your phone browser and you cannot find “Registration”, then click on the gear “Settings”, and tick “Desktop site” … After registration you may restore it back to the mobile view for convenience.

Step 2: Install a new NodaWallet crypto wallet on your smartphone (Please ensure you write down/ backup your seed words – it is Very IMPORTANT!!)

📲 Download  the app in Google Play


Step 3: Take Screenshot of what you installed, the App - NodaWallet.

Step 4:

🔹 Join the Noda channel (
🔹Join Noda group (
🔹 Follow Twitter (
🔹Follow medium (

Step 5:
Send the following details

🔹Your email (which was indicated at registration):

🔹The address of your Telegram account where you subscribed to the channel and entered the chat (@user, or the way your account is signed Name- Family):

🔹Address of your Twitter and Medium account:

🔹Screenshot with the installation of the app:

Submit the above details and send to admin support

Or on Telegram:


As soon as the admin checks all the completed conditions, you will be awarded a gift, NCN coins

NOTE: To turn on the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, click on the gear "Settings" then click either “TRANSLATE” or the "Language" line and put up English.

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