How you Can Earn BitcoinCash Wallet in this app.

  • Introducing

    1st Ever Legit Site that you can Download a Application that you Can Earn BitcoinCash ,.

    I will show you And Explain this Application how to earn with it.

    This is the dashboard of application that you can get when you download the app of Bitcoin cash app.

This is The Dashboard that you can see the many ways of earnings of BCH coin ..

First way of earning is


You can spin this wheel that you can get 300satoshi or BCH coin . But you watch first The Ads Within 15 to 30 second of watching . It's unlimited spin that you can do your the one who give up do this.

Watching Video

The second is watching video that range 15 to 30 seconds and get 100 satoshi or BCH coin it's easy to do this .

Next is

Daily check in

You can get 10BCH coin every day while check in.

Web Faucet

you can get 100 BCH coin every 10mins in the web faucet . That makes you get more BCH coin.

The Hi-Lo Game

this is a stake that you can Win or lost like casino game .

It's you own if you want to play or not this Hi-LO .

Invite Friend

Most of the profitable for this if you have many friends and you can invite there to play or download this app .

Why? Every play , spin, watching video even hi - Lo game you can earn 5% of they got or earn in this application. That was so Great if you Think .

Many friends many earn ❤️❤️


This is the one of favorite in this application😍😍

You can withdraw all of you earnings , how long you can get the earnings that you withdraw? It's been a hour only .

The minimum widrawal is 10thousand BCH coin. That so Fun. 😁😁

The Last is

Telegram Group Chat

If you have telegram app you can join to them to many updates they post .


Code that you can get BCH coin.

Update in The app for more ways of earnings .

So this article I make is for fun and share how I earn BCH coin

I hope you enjoy to read . And Download it to the site . Thank you

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