Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! 🌏✨

Let's keep the earth flourishing; Start at your home. Do your part to safeguard biodiversity and help maintain a steady climate.

Here is a list of 21 ways you can help look after our earth:

​1. Eat kind by dining on delicious plant-based meals. Cutting out animal products like meat, dairy and eggs is easier than you might think! The U.N. reports that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. 🌱

2. Ditch single-use plastic, recycle, and compost food waste. ♻️

​3. Leave water out for wildlife (and place sticks in it for insects to be able to escape).💧

4. Sign a petition for a cause you believe in. 📝

5. Say no to entertainment and tourism that exploits animals and harms the environment. ​❌

​6. Bring a reusable coffee cup to your coffee shop! ☕


7. Donate to your favourite environmental/animal charity. 🐕

8. Conserve water. The less you use, the less runoff and wastewater that will eventually end up in the ocean. 🚰


9. Learn more about our earth & animals through books, documentaries, and educational resources. 📺

10. Bike more! 🚲

11. Share social media posts from your favourite environmental/animal charity to help spread the word. 🌳

12. Shop kind by not buying clothes, cosmetics, or items that use or test on animals or harm our planet. Shop secondhand for your next purchase or buy from a sustainable brand.👚

13. Arrange a fundraiser for your favourite charity. 🧁

14. Email or write a letter to your MP or local newspaper about an animal welfare or environmental issue you care about. ✍️

15. Turn off the lights! Conserve electrical energy by only using what you need or switch to renewable resources, like wind, water, or the sun! ☀️

16. Plant a native tree or create a pollinator garden to provide a habitat for local wildlife and bees. 🐝

17. Join an environmental or animal advocacy group.🐮

18. Don't send harmful chemicals into our waterways. Choose non-toxic chemicals for cleaning the home and office. ✅

19. Organise a local beach, park, or waterway clean-up to help marine life and wildlife. 🏖️

​20. Volunteer at a local animal charity or environmental group. 💪

21. Go for a hike! The simplest way to celebrate the earth is to explore it. Find your nearest park or hiking trail. Turn off electronics and just enjoy! ⛰

It's high time towards the beauty of our planet to its original form, green, healthy, and beautiful.




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