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Autumn to Winter

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2 months ago
Topics: Autumn, Winter, Jungle

Golden forest

Falling leaves

Shimmering lake

Cooling breeze

Waving fields

Of golden grains

Browning grass

On the empty plains

Shorter days

And longer nights

Autumn's here

A beautiful sight

Mazes of corn

Pumpkins on vines

The wonders of autumn

The smell of pines

Frosty air

Dying flowers

Puddles formed

By freezing showers

The glowing moon

On frosty nights

Twinkling stars

Shining bright

Banks of snow

And rivers of ice

Quiet sounds

From sleeping mice

Blinding gales

Build up snow

Blizzards are howling

Where ere they go

Ponds frozen over

Tall leafless trees

Snow swirling round

By the blustery breeze

Winter is here

With snow and ice

Painting the land

It feels quite nice


The chatter of monkeys

The tall silent trees

Tiny green frogs

On the whispering leaves

The vines that hang down

And are covered in moss

Going over a stream

For monkeys to cross

Splashes of colour

From frogs and flowers

Clouds fill the sky

Dumping small showers

The majestic beauty

Of jungle grace

Sloths move along

At a slow pace

The jungle is home

To creature and tree

Living in the wild

Living free


Flying and gliding

Sweeping along

Chirping and trilling

A wondrous song

Fishing and snactching

Bugs from the air

Seeds and nuts

And the fruit way up here

Perched on a bush

A nest in the tree

Baby birds cheap

Trying to fly free

The parents come

To bring them some lunch

On worms and bugs

And beetles they munch

Dreaming of when

They fly from the nest

Into the world

The greatest test

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Written by   36
2 months ago
Topics: Autumn, Winter, Jungle
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During summer we couldn't work at all as in winter season because the hot climate let the work at very bad quality so preferable season to work in autumn and winter and sometimes spring because there are very hot days at spring or autumn-like summer.

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2 months ago