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Possible Respect for Womens

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2 months ago
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Topic: Respect for Womens

Hi Everyone! How are you? Hope all of you are good in your health.

My message today is both a message and a request to all of you. Let me first tell you all that I am requesting you because I have seen this thinking, this infamous society. Where people don't value anyone, they only think about themselves, I'm not talking about my society, I'm talking about the whole world. Yes, it may be that in the society where I live, there are a little more bad things, but in the rest of the society, there are bad and good people in every society. In all our sites women should not be looked down upon. They should be respected, they should be respected for who they are. I request everyone to be so correct in their society that people respect them, showing that I am good only from the outside and being correct only from the outside is not a good thing. Rather, we keep honor in our hearts. It is our duty to respect anyone, whether they are women or not.

If a woman is passing through our street, we are all used to seeing her whole body from the feet to the end, with a very dirty look, which affects her dignity, she is shy, she is afraid, It creates fear. She is passing by the road, there is no problem that she looks at a person, but still we people are so bad that we look at them with an evil eye, which creates a sense of fear and fear, and She is afraid that we have not left home, this is happening in our society, I am telling you the truth, this incident is happening.

She is afraid that I will not be raped, that someone will rob me of my honor, or that someone will put me in trouble. She starts to fear everything. In childhood, there is fear that it is better if you don't do it. It is better if I don't go out of the house. I just live my life in one place like a prison. There are no pleasures for him, no sports or any activities for him. No function remains. She is controlled by everyone and whenever she goes with her parents she can never go with her friend. She doesn't even have a friend because she wants someone to be my friend.

Let me explain to you what she is afraid of.

  • Rape

  • By swearing

  • From the evil eye

  • By people's taunts

After suffering all these things, Owais Qadri is not able to take care of himself and come out of the house every day to see these people. I know, but in Pakistan, in India, in Bangladesh, or in some other Muslim countryIt happens that they want to come out, but we are advised that we cannot come out, we are kept in prison, that we should also study, go to my college, participate in sports, but no, it is their leader who says that we This is the thought of all the people that we should not be destroyed. Even though all these things are done by men, we know that we are doing it wrong, ruining someone's life, putting pressure on someone, destroying someone's wishes, killing someone, yet they do it to us because our It has become the role of the society that we will do this only if we do this, it is not like this at all tell you۔

After enduring all this daily, some mental effects start to take place on them. Due to which she lives in mental problem, becomes weak and starts to think of herself as inferior. I advise that they should never think of themselves as inferior and think that we are the judiciary and there is no one better than them. I am not only saying for women but for every person that he is good, he is the best. He will do what he thinks and will be good with people.

Symptoms they faced

  • Daily difficulties

  • Always be afraid

  • Keeping yourself safe on the road

  • Do not talk openly with anyone

  • Afraid to participate in sports

  • Feeling inferior

  • Losing faith in love

  • Running out of her talent

I don't have to face all these difficulties, because the society is like that, we can't do anything. When I see a girl, I lower my eyes so that she doesn't think that I am like the rest. All these are the bitter truths that I have told and this is the truth. I don't care what people think.

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2 months ago
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