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3 months ago

Today we are going to talk about ungrateful people. Many of you must have come across an ungrateful person once or twice in life. Today we will talk about them and how to handle such cases.

The word ingrate is a noun that comes from the Latin word ingratus. Ingratus is a combination of in, meaning “not” and gratus, meaning “grateful". That pretty much sums up an ingrate: not grateful. It describes someone who tends to act this way in general, rarely acknowledging others' generosity, or even worse, seeming to expect special treatment. You can tell when someone is an ingrate by what isn't said or what is done after doing a nice deed for them. They don't really know how to use the word "thank you" and "I appreciate what you've done for me". In some cases they can use such words but choose not to because they can't seem to see what you've done for them.

Simply put an ingrate is a person who shows no gratitude, someone who is not thankful for others' kindness.

In many cases, people tend to be ungrateful and the moment you stop putting so much effort, they'll make it seem as if you're a wicked person by saying hurtful words like you're wicked and you're a sly.

You help them out with one issue or the other but the moment you don help them they start saying you're wicked and stuff like that. They forget all the good things you've done for them and start painting you bad.

How can someone keep on going out of their comfort zone to help you and you can't even say a simple thank you. In the end even if the person helps you out or not, it changes nothing so why help you?.

Most times these ungrateful people tends to be Human Leaches. They always tend to remember you when they need you and always drag you back. Nobody wants a friend who always tend to collect without giving back in return. They always ask and collect money and stuff, borrow without paying back or just eating your snacks and foodstuffs nonchalantly. When you have an issue, you won't see others to assist you but when they need help you're always there for them. If you have noticed this type of bad attitude in any of your friends, try to put some rules and restrictions or just cut them off totally. Nobody likes anyone that's always pulling them back.

Friendship is supposed to be a give and take something and not one sided. Selfish people are everywhere so be sure to do the needful before you hurt yourself in the process.

Normally we know that givers never lack but these days all we see is givers lacking.

One time I was a fool for a friend, and I was always giving my all for all my friends. Helping them and even getting into trouble because of them. Unfortunately it took me pain to understand my predicament. I wounded myself emotionally, educationally, financially and physically because I was trying to help others. Apparently those I'm even trying to help are selfish. They hide what they know or have and then leach on you.

Anyway like people always say in my country, them no de mumu two times (meaning you can't be a fool and make the same mistake twice). I had to cut them off to some extent and what do I get back in return?

Spreading lies about me, backstabbing me, painting me bad in front of others, calling me wicked and all that.

Well it was a phase and I've finally passed it. I don't do malice so we can still talk but there are some things you'll do that I just won't be able to tolerate. I focus more on minding my business and doing what benefits me.

Anyway that's that about ingrates.

Just try to be smart and observant because it's better you learn from others mistake than from your own mistake.

Anyway it has been long I wrote an heart felt article like this but from time to time I'll be dropping some things.

In other news...

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What do you think?

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Written by   106
3 months ago
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